There are a lot of people who aren't necessarily all that comfortable playing blackjack as it is represented by a computer program. Part of it is the absence of a human touch, and in some cases it might be a matter of wanting to get more of a "real" deal, which is a factor that is missing when playing a game that operates on the basis of a random number generator (known within gaming circles as the "RNG").

Aficionados who enjoy not only blackjack, but their other favorite games as they are played in a "brick and mortar" casino but at the same time like the convenience of staying right at home to play in front of their computer now have a way to create just the environment they want.

With their brand new live casino, the folks at BetAnySports have made it possible for casino players to get fully engaged in front of actual dealers through a live video feed that comes in real time, right through the computer screen. And it does not require a download.

What you'll do in the "live dealer" situation is literally occupy a seat or place at a "table" that is both physical and virtual at the same time. The fascinating part of the technology is that you can actually see the results as they are played out in the so-called real-world setting, which is a room filled with dealers, and that offers a lot of confidence for people who might otherwise wonder about getting a fair shake.

Taking blackjack, for example, the cards, as they are taken out of a shoe, are run past sensors that detect the rank and suit and post it on the display you have on your computer. Then you just go ahead and play as if you are sitting in front of a dealer at a table in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. The dealers, by design, are very attractive females, and they can speak through the feed. It's not strictly a one-way thing either, as you can chat with them as well. As you start to play you'll discover that there is a lot of live chatting going on between players, and that the dealers use quite the personal touch when it comes to welcoming you and addressing you throughout the festivities.

When you log into the live casino, you're going to have an opportunity to transfer whatever you want out of your main balance into your casino balance, in increments of $25. Then it's as simple as transferring the funds back to your main account at the end.

This setting is facilitated by the people at Visionary iGaming, a Costa Rica-based company that has made it possible for BetAnySports customers to play any of four different casino games. The video feed is excellent and there are a number of games to choose from.

There is the live American version of roulette, where there are two zeros along with numbers 1-35; live Baccarat, a game that carries much glamour to it, certainly as it is dealt by one of the beautiful dealers; live American Blackjack, which resembles very much the game that you would see being played in any casino in the U.S. (with $10 and $25 minimums), not to mention "Turbo Blackjack," a quick, $1 game that does not have live dealers but is instead dealt by computer, with a beautiful, life-like interface.

Then there is the special proprietary game created by Visionary iGaming called "Blackjack Early Payout," in which a player can opt out of a hand and get an early payout which actually might be more than the original wager. It's an exciting alternative brand of the game, with a minimum $25 bet, which offers a payout of 99.5%.

You may feel a bit funny, especially since you'll have none of the trappings of the "real world" casino atmosphere in your own location, but you'll get used to it and find a real "comfort zone." You won't experience the sound of slot machines going off, waitresses trying to ply you with drinks or pit bosses watching your every move for one reason or another. On the other hand, you're probably more peaceful, with added concentration on the task at hand.

But that doesn't mean you can't get up to scream and yell once in a while.