Governor Chris Christie and the lawmakers in the state of New Jersey are continuing their fight to get sports betting legalized across their state. They took a step in the wrong direction on Thursday night when the US District Judge Michael Shipp ruled on the side of the NFL and other plaintiffs, which will keep legalized sports gambling out of the Garden State – at least for now.

No one figures that this is the end of the road for this case, though. The decision is going to be appealed by the state of New Jersey, led by Senator Ray Lesniak. The case is expected to go to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and if that doesn't give New Jersey the satisfaction it is searching for, a battle at the Supreme Court level eventually seems to be imminent somewhere down the road.

From the NFL's perspective though, this is a landmark win for the time being. The worst nightmare for Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL would be to have legalized sports gambling going on right outside of MetLife Stadium, where the Super Bowl is going to be played next year. At least by winning this round of legal arguments, the NFL should ensure that the state of New Jersey will have no way of legalizing sports gambling in time for the Super Bowl.

Most still consider the likelihood that New Jersey beats the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) a longshot, knowing that if the Garden State does get the job done, other states are sure to be lining up to get a shot at having sports betting legalized in their state as well.

The PASPA puts the ban on gambling on sports on 46 of the 50 states. The exceptions are Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana. Las Vegas, Nevada is obviously the hub for all things gambling related in this country, and it is the Mecca of sports gambling and casino wagering as we know it. Oregon used to allow parlay cards as a part of its state lottery system, but that action was banned in 2007. Montana has not taken advantage of its ability to offer sports betting to its residents. Parlay and teaser cards are available for betting at tracks in Delaware.