Regaw Rants NBA Finals Edition

Tonight is game one in the NBA Finals and it just seemed fitting that the rants today be centered on the event. This match up looks decent on paper and it should make for some good basketball, but I am ready to rant. Is Phil the best? It has to be the shoes and bench Jameer are the topics for today’s rants!

Sit on it Jameer: After the Magic beat the Cleveland Cavaliers and advanced to the finals all of the talk in Orlando was that point guard Jameer Nelson might be able to play in the finals. After a few days it was announced that he would be able to play in the finals for the Magic. At first glance it would seem that this is a good thing for the Magic. He is an all-star guard and is one of the reasons that the Magic has had such a stellar season. When he played the Lakers in the regular season he was the high scorer in both of the Magic victories but my rant is simple here, sit this one out. It has been awhile without Nelson and chemistry can be tricky. When he comes back other guards will sit back and watch him work and if he does not come back into the flow easily it may cause some problems for the Magic offense. My suggestion is that if they do bring him back, let him come in off the bench and ease back into the system and in to the flow of the game. This is the finals and the Magic cannot afford to give him a game or two to get back into playing form, and even that may not be enough. If they let Nelson start the next Magic act you may see is the Magic disappearing.

The best NBA coach ever? If the Lakers win another championship it will be a record setting win for head coach Phil Jackson. He is currently tied with nine championships with Celtic legendary coach Red Auerbach. If they are able to defeat the Magic this year he would sit alone as the NBA coach with the most titles. Does this make him the best? He is a Hall of Fame coach there is no doubt about it, but the best? This may sound like a rant but I say YES! The most common argument is that he won with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and some of the best players and teams in NBA history. So what? So did Red Auerbach. In fact Red Auerbach had arguably the best team(s) to ever play in the NBA and at the time the best player(s) with the likes

[caption id="attachment_863" align="alignright" width="215" caption="Is Phil the best of all time?"][/caption]

of Bill Russell and Larry Bird just to name a few. The coach still has to devise a game plan or in Jackson’s case invent one and handle the teams. As far as I am concerned just for handling Dennis Rodman Phil Jackson should be named the best. If your going to say Phil is not the best of all time just come up with a better argument than he coached good players and had great teams.

It’s got to be the shoes money! It was announced and evidently big news that Orlando Magic guard Mickael Pietrus will switch his sneakers for the finals. This is because he wears Nike hyper dunk sneakers and this brand is endorsed by Kobe Bryant who just so happens to play on the other team. Here is my rant on this. Good move and it’s pretty funny! This way when Pietrus checks him on the court he can talk smack about not wearing his shoe and it actually got his name in the headlines. If I was Kobe I would have an entire shipment delivered to his house just to show that he is a good sport! Listen up Nike executives if the Magic win, the least you could do is give Pietrus his own shoe!