The sports world is always giving me great material to rant about it and it looks like they have done it again. In MLB Randy Johnson notched his 300th win and Big Papi is going to lens crafters. In the NFL, Vince Young talks about playing with another team and in the golf world the Golden bear played with a Tiger.

300 is Special: Thursday Randy Johnson beat the Washington Nationals and became the 24th person in MLB to win 300 games. This will be the last time for years to come that this will happen. The game has changed so much and the pitchers do not go as deep in the game as they used to. This accolade should get more credit and hitting 300 wins just guaranteed that Randy Johnson will be going to the Hall of Fame. There will not be another pitcher that will reach this milestone in our lifetime.

Papi goes to lens crafters: It was reported on Friday that Boston’s ex-slugger David Ortiz is going to get his eyes checked out even though he thinks it has nothing to do with his slump. "I've been thinking about getting my eyes checked," he said. "My vision has always been 20-20, and I'm not feeling anything crazy, but I'm going to get it checked out." He’s right about one thing; it has nothing to do with his eyes. It’s the juice hangover. If he would just bat 8th hit .230 until the end of the year and fade away he would be much happier. Instead he is in denial and makes every excuse in the world why he is playing so badly. Turn out the lights the parties over.

Young wants out? Vince Young this week had an interview with a Baltimore radio station this week and he was quoted as saying he could play somewhere else. "If them guys don't want me to be in there, it's time for me to make a career change." The Titans would be crazy to trade this guy right now. What they should do is get him in on “slash plays” and utilize him in a Wildcat formation that other teams have adapted. This way he gets to play and can become a weapon that can be on the field at the same time with Collins if need be. This will either get him ready to play QB or raise his stock for trading purposes. Look for him at other positions this year but I doubt that will shut him up.

Golf hits perfect shot: Earlier this week before the memorial tournament there was a skins game played you may heard about. The headliners of this skins game was Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. This was a thrill to watch. There were great shots, smack talking, and it went down to the wire. Golf has to do more of this type of event. It was fun for the players and the fans and it brought back some interest to the game. Golf hit a perfect shot with this one as it brought old generations of fans with new ones to truly appreciate the game!