There is plenty to rant about in the sports world with all of the great games and players but most of my rants this week are about off the field actions.  The rants will cover Jerry Jones and why his problems may be just starting, Alabama losing even when they are winning, and why you have to be rooting Michael Vick to play in the NFL again.

This week it was reported that the Alabama Crimson Tide football team will forfeit some wins. This is due to a violation for free textbooks. The school found 22 athletes that were misusing scholarships and giving textbooks to other students. This one was easy to rant about. It looks like that Alabama may forfeit some wins but they will not forfeit scholarships or championships and in college football that is all that matters. This is the second time that Alabama has been under the microscope for violations and this punishment was a joke. If you want these colleges to follow the rules they have to make the punishment severe which is why teams like Alabama and the Tennessee Volunteers make a mockery of the system and dare it to punish them. Until they do this type of behavior will not stop.

The only person that may have had a worst week then Alabama is Jerry Jones. It was announced this week that Jones and the Dallas Cowboys knew of an earlier collapse of the same facility that collapsed earlier this year injuring several people. Jerry has to come out publicly announce he was at fault, take the blame and pay some people. This is a media disaster for the Cowboys and it has to stop and it starts with Jerry Jones.

It was announced today that the Falcons released ex QB Michael Vick. This had to be done because no one was going to make a trade for the embattled player. As a fan of the game you want to see Michael Vick in the NFL again. Let PETA worry about beating him up and you can be assured they will. The bottom line is he did his time and if he has stayed in shape, he can be a star again. In his last season in the league he set rushing records for a quarterback and after he shakes off the rust he will be good again. With quarterbacks being hard to come by today in the game someone will take a chance on him and they will be rewarded.