The sports world always gives me plenty of things to rant about but this week they have gone the extra mile. This week I rant about Donte Stallworth and the commissioner, Plaxico Burress, and while Twitter is changing the sports world.

It was announced today that NFL Commissioner Roger Godell will do what the justice system did not, punish Donte Stallworth. The NFL suspended the Cleveland Brown wide receiver indefinitely and he will not be paid during the suspension. Stallworth pleaded guilty this month to a DUI manslaughter charge for striking Mario Reyes on March 14 in Florida. He has already started his 30 day jails sentence for the crime, and although there was a list of other punishments, the sentence was a joke. I know this NFL suspension will be appealed and maybe even over turned this year but at least the commissioner is taking this seriously, something the courts forgot to do.

It looks like the commissioner will have a busy week ahead of him as next he has to decide on the fate of Ex-New York Giants wide receiver, Plaxico Burress. There is a good chance he will have to let him play since the courts have not fond him guilty of anything yet and the Giants looked the other way on this one. The question is do you want him on your team? The rumors are flying that the Bears want him and that Jay Cutler sent him a text telling him to sign with the Bears. Cutler denies that he texted Plaxico, but it might be an interesting fit. The problem is this would be at best a one year rental and the guy is a wreck in the locker room and a horrible teammate. Tim Hasslebeck played with Plaxico and he had this to say about the troubled wide receiver. “I played with the guy. I was in the locker room with him for two years. He’s a disaster as a teammate. He’s a disaster as a guy that you have to coach.” Why take a chance on a guy like this? I say let him sit out a year but you know that won’t happen.

Lastly it’s hard to go throughout a day without hearing abut Twitter in the sports world. This week was no exception as Kevin Love scooped the media and his front office by announcing that head coach Kevin McHale was not coming back to the Timber wolves next year. I know it’s the new thing to do and even I have a Twitter account (@MRegaw) but the sports world better adjust. Kevin Love meant no harm and was sad to see him go but he made his management look bad. Kevin McHale did plenty for this franchise and deserved better than this as well. My suggestion to T’Wolves owner Glen Taylor is to open a Twitter account and change with the times!