Welcome to the Father’s Day rants! A hearty Happy Father’s Day to all Dads’ out there who deserve to have a great day! This edition of the rants will cover the incredible shrinking A-Rod, and the best father/son athletes of all time!

This weekend the Yankees announced that A-Rod was getting a “rest” for a couple of games this week. It was announced that he was suffering from “fatigue”.  I think it’s time to start calling this “illness” what it really is, Roid Hangover.  Alex Rodriquez is a gifted athlete and he will be great again but for now he is struggling just like other athletes have when they stop taking steroids.  He was just hitting .145 in June and plenty of those outs were infield outs.  Just a look at Rodriquez now and from a couple of years ago and you can physically see a difference.  He will be back and should put up some good numbers once he gets over this “fatigue”.

In honor of father’s day I wanted to list my top three pair of father and son athletes to play in professional sports.

3) Muhammad Ali/Laila Ali—the first father/son combo is actually father/daughter but still one of the best. Muhammad Ali is simply “the greatest”.  His daughter followed in his footsteps. She is 24-0 and 21 of those are via the knockout!

2) Dale Earnhardt/Dale Earnhardt Jr.—heading into the world of NASCAR the #2 father/son combo on the list is the Earnhardt’s.  Dale was a pioneer in the sport and will always be remembered as one of the best.  Jr. has had a tougher go of it but has still presented himself as a force in the sport. In the Sprint Cup he has 18 wins and 87 top 5 finishes.

1) Bobby Bonds/Barry Bonds—Love them or hate them this spot belongs to the Bonds family.  Bobby was a multiple Gold Glover and three time all-star.  Barry currently holds the home run record* but has numerous MVP’s and arguably on e of the best players to ever play the game!

Happy Father’s Day everyone!