The Fate of South Carolina Governor’s Political Career is called Into Question and Bookies are Taking Bets
June 25, 2009, San Jose CR – Perhaps the better question is not if, but when South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford will resign. After reports surfaced that the Governor spent 5 days in Argentina with his mistress, the politician promptly resigned as chairman of the Republican Governors’ Association, leaving many to wonder if he will also be leaving his post as Governor. Analysts at have posted odds on if the Governor Sanford will resign and if so, when.

Will South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Resign?
Sanford will resign before July 1st                         -400
Sanford will resign between July 2-15th                 -700
Sanford will resign between July 15th-31st             +150
Sanford will resign between August 1st-15th           +200
Sanford will not resign                                         Even

“Governor Sanford is known for upholding strong moral values and it’s very likely this affair will lead to his resignation,” said Esteban Siles, Spokesperson for  “During the Monica Lewinsky scandal between President Bill Clinton, Sanford voted in favor of impeachment and it would be hypocritical for him to remain at his post.”
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