Regaw Rants July 2nd

Ranting about NBA free agent rumors and why steroids are not that bad anymore.

Today there is a press conference to introduce Shaquille O’Neal as the newest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  This is a great move for the Cavaliers as they add a big man and another legitimate scoring threat to play with Lebron James.   This is one heck of a shot by Cleveland management they are going for the Championship this year, but they are not alone. The Magic signed Vince Carter to compliment Dwight Howard and kept pace with the Cavs.  The Pistons made two huge signings with Ben Gordon and Charlie Vellenueva and they got much younger.  The latest report out is that the Celtics, not to be outdone, will sign Rasheed Wallace as they offered him a two year deal.  This has made the Eastern conference the tougher conference in the NBA.  The Lakers and the Spurs will represent the West but the East has a slew of teams that are dangerous. Houston is hurting with the news that Yao Ming is out maybe for the entire next year and the balance of power has shifted.  Jason Kidd is considering the Knicks but my guess is Mark Cuban will not let him get away and the Mavericks have reportedly already offered him a three year deal. The Lakers just announced that they signed Ron Artest so they get even better! The free agent period is not over yet, but it is starting to heat up this summer!

In baseball Manny Ramirez is slated to make his return to the Dodgers after serving a five game suspension.  Is it just me or as a society are we okay with Steroids now? Manny was treated like a rock star in the minor leagues and he will receive a huge round of applause when he goes up to the plate at the next Dodger home game.  I think we have been littered with so much news about steroids we almost accept it.  The news that Sosa was on performance enhancing drugs (of course) went by without making a sound and unless some big names come out on the list from 2003 then steroid news may not even make the front page anymore. For those of you that think it is still a big deal, just check out NASCAR.

Jeremy Mayfield tested positive for doing methamphetamines. He claimed it was a mixture of over the counter stuff and prescribed medication and the combination resulted in a positive test. Not quite.  The results came back positive for meth! That is pretty serious when you’re driving a car at the speeds that drivers do. The PR machine that NASCAR is has kept this at a fairly low level of scrutiny. So maybe this is another reason why steroids has taken a back seat and seems less offensive than it used to be, unless your Wade Boggs of course.