Show some respect to McNair

Over the holiday weekend Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi were both found fatally shot. Since then the media has exposed some facts about the two and what may have happened leading up to the events. They talk about a relationship, who bought the gun, and even motive.

This information is important for the investigators and how this may have happened but not for the rest of us. There is no need to drag the names of the victims through the mud. This is an unfortunate event for fans, friends and family of Steve McNair. Assuming events of his life and his marriage is not something for us to judge. Steve McNair was not perfect and he had problems in his life, just like we all do. As a fan I knew him as a quarterback and when he was on the field I never once asked myself how his family was or if he was ever arrested. The main reason is because I could appreciate him as a quarterback. The other issues that have come to light is for the family and his friends to go through and not the media and not the thousands of fans that seem to be talking about McNair the person when all they ever cared about before this was McNair the quarterback.