MLB Teams to Watch in the second half

With the second half upon us, it is easy to focus on the front runners but there are some teams that have great value right now and have yet to be looked at seriously. Playing these teams now can be very profitable in the right spot.

Houston Astros: Houston is just 3 games back as the writing of this article. With two solid starting pitchers in Oswalt and Rodriquez the Astros can play with anyone. They currently are proving that by the way they are playing in the recent series against the Dodgers. The oldest team in baseball has experience and can put a run together in the second half.

Seattle Mariners: The Mariners are just four games back and they are flying under the radar with LA and Texas fighting for the lead. They have some solid starting pitching and they are getting a surprising year from Gutierrez and can stay in the pennant race.

Chicago White Sox:
The White Sox have crept to just 1.5 games behind the division leading Tigers. The pitching can be trouble at times but they play well on the road and that is a key in baseball. They have flown under the radar sandwiched between Detroit and the Twins but are always worth a look.

Atlanta Braves: The braves are 6.5 games out but they do have solid pitching and they have Bobby Cox. With the most games in division in the second half of the year they should be able to control their destiny in the division. They will make a run at the East and will be in the wildcard race.