Vick can take part in practices, team meetings and preseason games but will have to wait until October to play regular season games. Like all arrests in the NFL and player suspensions there are plenty of opinions on what have should have happened to Vick. I for one applaud the commissioner for this move and think it works on all levels and for everyone involved.

The league also announced that former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy has agreed to work as an advisor and mentor to Vick. This will give Michael Vick some clout with someone as classy as Tony Dungy on his side and may just convince a team to take a shot on him. Here are the teams that I think will take a shot at Vick.

The Falcons, Jets, Cowboys, and the Giants came out and said they don’t want any part of the troubled QB but who will?

San Francisco 49ers-The 49ers have been on the verge of being a playoff team but have had problems with the QB position. They could slowly get Vick into playing shape and give him a shot if the usual QB’s in SF flop.

New England Patriots-Well Tom Brady is the man so Vick would get limited playing time and they could give him plenty of time to work into a system. Bill Belichick has a reputation for molding troubled players like Randy Moss and making them stars again.

Tampa Bay Bucs-Tony Dungy has some roots in Tampa Bay and the QB spot down there is not exactly settled. He got talk management into giving Vick a shot with the promise that Dungy could keep him in check.

Oakland Raiders-Why not? He is the perfect character for the team and the fans and Al Davis has the rocks to pull it off.

Minnesota Vikings-Since they did not get Brett Favre,  Michael Vick could have a shot at playing in purpl.

Regardless where he plays it will be interesting to see how that team handles the negative press and Michael Vick handles himself as he returns to the NFL.