It was reported today that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were two of the players that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003. This is big news because Manny and Ortiz were two big reasons that the Red Sox finally won a World Series after a long drought.

According to the report, when David Ortiz was asked about the 2003 test, he responded: “I’m not talking about that anymore,” and said “I have no comment.”

While it is sad news does it really surprise anyone? Manny has recently served a suspension for using banned substances and David Ortiz has been in one of the worst slumps in his career and many were speculating it was because he was coming off steroids. The real question maybe does anyone still care?

The fans of baseball have been over saturated with reports of players using all types of substances to try and get better as a player or recover from injuries. We have been through the drama of Roger Clemens in the court house and Rafael Palmeiro wagging his finger on Capitol Hill. This is just another sad example of how the drugs dominate the sport and perhaps may have put an asterisk over a decade of baseball. It won't be long before this becomes less and less of an issue and people forgive the players that used and they vote them into the hall of fame.