Before anyone freaks out,this is a prediction on my part but I figure with all the speculation I would throw in my best guess but I have my reasons. Before you beat up for trying to grab headlines, hear me out.  The Ravens were one of the first teams that came out and said that they have interest in signing Vick. The fans in Washington wanted him to sign with the Redskins but the Redskins have announced that there is no chance that they sign with Washington. This gives Baltimore a chance to shine and get some fans to pay attention to them. Michael Vick can fit in this safe offense and have time to grow. He will be surrounded by players that have been in trouble before like Ray Lewis, that know how to handle the media and could mentor him.

Chris Mortenson reported that he believes that the Ravens are still in the hunt with other teams like the Patriots and the Packers, but feels the Ravens have the edge. After that GM Ozzie Newsome came out and denied they were courting Vick which is another reason I think he ends up in Baltimore.

I have to hand it to Michael Vick, at least he is surrounding himself with the right people. Tony Dungy is one of the classiest guys in the league and well respected by front office people in the NFL. It is Dungy’s connection in the NFL that will land him in Baltimore and help him with the transiton back into the league.