Michael Vick is a great signing for the Eagles.

Last week Michael Vick signed with the Eagles and the fan base of Philadelphia was outraged. Every where you looked or listened fans were beating up the signing. They attacked the signing and the character behind the man himself. They have a right to attack him, after all he did just do time for killing dogs and it was a truly horrible thing to do and the details are gruesome. Rest assured there will be protests outside the camps and during the game when the regular season starts. When the dust settles I have a strange feeling that the Eagle fans will be cheering Michael Vick and this could be exactly what the Eagles need to be put over the top and win a superbowl. I would like to look at this as just a football issue but it is more than that, and so I have to look at all the issues involved. This is why in the long run I believe this signing is good for the Eagles.

First Vick is doing and saying all the right things. He is remorseful, he admits to doing some inhumane things and he is humbled. He has the blessing of the Human Society and has already begun to perform community service to talk about the evils of dog fighting. He has surrounded himself with the right people, most notably Tony Dungy. Tony Dungy is respected throughout the league and has been a positive influence on Vick. There will be some problems with protestors and unruly fans on the road (and maybe at home) but that will start to slow down as the season progresses. From a football standpoint this has more positive outcomes.

They got Vick into camp early so he can work with the system. He is familiar with the west coast system and the coaches that run the system. He has the backing of Donovan Mcnabb and will be welcomed back by the players of the Eagles. He can slowly get integrated into the system with spot plays. They can use him in different positions and different formations, making him flexible for the team and what they can do with him. The Dolphins proved that with the right personnel that the wildcat can be effective. Bringing him in can change the entire make up of the team and what can be done on any given play. If he can prove to play like the Michael Vick of old he may be a great insurance policy since the Donovan Mcnabb era is ending in Philadelphia. Even if the Eagles do not see Vick as the future of quarterback in Philadelphia, if he plays well they can even consider trading him and getting more than he is worth. Either way I see this as a win / win for the Eagles and Michael Vick.