It was announced this morning that the Denver Broncos have suspended troubled wide receiver Brandon Marshall for the rest of the preseason. This is just the latest problem with the wide receiver since he dragged himself into camp. This latest suspension was based on detrimental conduct. It’s been much more than that.

First he came kicking and screaming into camp after the Jay Cutler deal and demanded a trade or a new contract. Then he missed a preseason game to go to court, and then he was taken out of a preseason game because he did not know the play book. This would be different if Marshall was a great player on the field and a good teammate off the field. He may be great on the field but he is far from great off of it. He has had numerous brushes with the law for “allegedly” beating his girlfriend and problems with anger management. In short this guy has been a nightmare.

For rookie head coach Josh McDaniels this has been a tough gig from the start. He botched the trade for Matt Cassell and alienated perhaps the best offensive player on the team. He then traded the QB just to have the rest of his team boycott the moves. Just when he is starting to get things under control along comes Brandon Marshall. With news crews watching practice he refused to run with team, batted balls down he was supposed to be catching and was a distraction while showing disregard for the coaching staff. McDaniels finally had enough and had to suspend Marshall. If they agree to trade him they open the door for other players to jump ship and his trade value drops as other teams will see him as a distraction and trouble maker to the team. There is no way on earth you can offer him a contract extension with the mindset he is in. The best thing to do was remove the cancer that he has become and get him away from the team.

What are Brandon Marshall and his agent thinking? This lowers his trade value and if he keeps it up he will not play in the regular season and could cost him money. As much as he may hate it Marshall has to get on the same page have a great season and then get out of town. In the meantime he is a cancer on this team and the Broncos are doing the right thing here in my mind.