Well let me start with this, tragic. In the long haul Blount has talent and is suspended for the rest of the year. Since he is a senior it will be the end of his college career. This is sad because Blount has talent and will drop in the NFL draft because of this incident. It is sad on so many different levels but what is really sad is the reaction by the NCAA and the media.

The incident can be described as bad sportsmanship on both players. Boise St DE Hout started talking smack for no reason and even went out of his way to grab Blount and let him hear about it. If you were going to take the high road then you walk away but Hout had it coming. He smarted off and was a wise ass as if winning was not enough and he took one in the chops and a good one too. Part of me thinks that if Blount did not go Ron Artest in the fan section on the way out of the stadium this would have been a less severe punishment. The NCAA is coming out like the guy should be sent to death row and the media (for the most part) is beating up Blount but not Hout. I do have to take my hat off to college game day as they believed that Hout was not a “victim” and should be suspended for his action as well.

What the NCAA should focus on is that no other player jumped in on the fight. Both teams could have started a melee like others have in the past but instead they separated the players and went to the locker rooms. Blount may have been better off staying away from the crowd and Hout may have been better off keeping his mouth shut. The reality of it is Blount loses his career (for now) and Hout becomes a You Tube sensation. If Blount stays clean and makes the NFL then Hout would have gotten the worst of it, but for now Blount has lost his career and the NCAA is worried about saving face.