Regaw Rants: #23 Simply the Best

This weekend Michael Jordan and a talented group of basketball players and coaches will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame located in Springfield Massachusetts. With apologies to David Robinson, John Stockton and the others that made it to the Hall of Fame the day and the stage belongs to Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan may be the greatest athlete that any of us will ever see in our lives. He paved the way for superstars like Tiger Woods and was exciting to watch anytime he took the court. He was more than a basketball player and people would flock to see him play basketball, golf, and even baseball. He showed every athlete how to be the ultimate pitchman, and still sells products today. He made movies, sold shoes, and did everything that was asked. He was surrounded by controversy at times, but on the basketball court he could not be matched.

The enshrinement ceremony took place at Springfield’s Symphony Hall, because Jordan was too big for the Hall of Fame. The move to the other building allowed for a crowd of about 2,600, more than double what the Hall can accommodate.

He has MVP’s, championships, and records but overall I will remember Michael Jordan as the best athlete there has ever been.