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Odds On Who Will Be the Last Winless Team in the NFL?

It is too early to make broad proclamations as to how the 2020 NFL season will play out. Teams could slump, someone could get injured—there are too many things that can happen that can impact the season. But there is one question we can draw a reasonably educated guess about.

Who will be the last winless team left standing? At this point in the season, there are three left, and the favorite at BetOnline.ag should not surprise anyone:

Odds On Last Winless NFL Team

    • New York Jets -250
    • Atlanta Falcons +225
    • New York Giants +250

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The New York Jets are the clear and obvious favorite. There has been little, if anything, redeeming about their season so far. Sam Darnold appears to have regressed in his third year. They just let go of their superstar running back that was supposed to take some pressure off Darnold.

To make matters worse, head coach Adam Gase does not appear to know just how bad things are on his team. That makes it a lot harder to envision things getting better anytime soon.

Things have not been too much better for the Atlanta Falcons. They have, however, let their underperforming head coach go.  So, there is a chance that change could give them a lift. Offensively, there is more reason for hope than with the other two teams.

But they will have to figure out how to be more consistent if they are going to beat anyone.

As for the New York Giants, they are a mess on the offensive side of the ball. Fans of the Dallas Cowboys will not be shocked since former head coach Jason Garrett is now the Giants offensive coordinator. The Giants missed a golden opportunity to get their first win last week against the Cowboys only to blow it.

However, with how well their defense has played, there may be more hope for them to win a game than the other two.

So—how should you bet?

The ultimate deciding factor here is each team’s respective schedule. Atlanta may be hard-pressed to beat the Vikings this week, but they have a shot against the Lions, Panthers, and Broncos. Chances are good they will win one of those three games.

For the Giants, it will be a matter of stopping someone else’s offense enough so that what little they do on the offensive side will be enough. Lucky for them, that opportunity comes this week against the Washington Football team.

If they don’t get that first win this week, they may get lucky the following week against a dismal Eagles team or two weeks later when they face Washington again.

As for the Jets, it is a lot harder to see them winning a game anytime soon. Their best chance may come against the Dolphins this week, but Miami’s offense looked great against the 49ers last week. So, that may be easier said than done.

It is unlikely they win one of the four games after that before they see the Dolphins again. Beyond that, it doesn’t look good. They finish the season after their second game against Miami with the Raiders, Seahawks, Rams, and Patriots.

There is a good chance the Jets go winless this season, so pick them to be the last winless team standing.

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