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Odds On Andy Reid, Face Shields, And Who Will Get Fined First

Last Thursday night saw the 2020 NFL season get underway with the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, taking on the Houston Texans. During the game, the fans got a little more entertainment than they bargained for in Andy Reid’s face shield.

Sideline personnel are supposed to be wearing face coverings this season. Some wear masks, some have chosen to go with gaiters, and others— like Reid – a face shield.

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However, during the game, it was apparent that Reid was having issues with his shield. So, the internet being what it is, had a lot of fun at his expense. With all of that in mind, MyBookie.ag decided to post a prop bet:

  • Will Andy Reid Wear The Face Shield
    • For The Chiefs Week 2 Game – Yes -250
    • For The Chiefs Week 2 Game – No +170

After how social media joked about him, you would think he’d pass on the face shield and go with something else. But it seems that a company that makes face shields, Sleepnet Corporation, shipped a couple of face shields that shouldn’t fog up to the Chiefs.

He may not use them, of course. But if they work in practice and don’t fog up, he probably will. Since he has time to test him, it is probably safe to assume he will.

On a different note, the NFL sent a memo to teams following Week One about sideline personnel wearing face masks. Some were not wearing masks when they should have been, so the league office decided to remind everyone that failure to comply with coronavirus protocols could result in a fine.

So, with that in mind, MyBookie.ag posted another prop bet:

  • First NFL Coach To Be Fined For No Mask
    • Sean McVay +150
    • Jack Del Rio +200
    • Ron Rivera +300
    • Jon Gruden +400
    • Kliff Kingsbury +500
    • Matt Patricia +500
    • Brian Flores +500
    • Sean Payton +500
    • Andy Reid +500
    • Mike McCarthy +600
    • Doug Pederson +700
    • Bill Belichick +1000

Rams head coach Sean McVay, who was seen on Sunday night often not wearing his mask, has said the NFL’s memo was directed at him. But he was not the only one. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was also guilty as Panthers head coach Matt Rhule.

After getting blasted about it, McVay has said he’ll do better going forward. Gruden has said the same, and Rhule has talked about using a shield, like Reid.

So—how should you bet?

After speaking publicly about wearing something, it would be surprising if Gruden or McVay were the first to get fined. Andy Reid has already shown he intends to comply, making him a bad bet as well. Mike McCarthy didn’t seem bothered by it Sunday night, making him not worth betting on either.

With Ron Rivera’s health issues, his wife probably does not let him leave the house without a mask.

But of the guys remaining, who should you bet on? That is an excellent question. With the importance the NFL has placed on these protocols, you would hope no one would be a good bet. But since that is not an option, go with McVay.

With his total disregard for it Sunday night and all the attention he got for it, he may be better about it this week. But in the heat of the moment, it is not hard to imagine he might slip up.


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