NFL Super Bowl LIII Scoring Props


It seems the number of prop bets grows with every passing Super Bowl. There are so many prop bets being offered for Super Bowl LIII that it’s almost impossible to keep track of. Let’s look at a few of the more common scoring props and see if we can make your Super Bowl Sunday even more enjoyable.

Team To Score First:

It’s pretty much a given that both teams will defer if they win the coin toss although it might be a little less certain with the Rams. The bookie seems to think that New England stands a better chance at scoring first than the Rams as they are listed as -120 favorites. It is a 50/50 proposition so taking the Rams to score first at even money is the thing to do.

First Score Method:

Oddsmakers have listed the first score of the game being a touchdown at -145 while a safety/field goal is set at +125. Both coaches have shown their aggressive sides time and time again and they know that they need to go for each other’s jugulars right off the bat. The odds might scream out that a touchdown will be the first score but that +125 is too hard to pass up.

Time of the First Score:

The Patriots are notorious for slow starts to their Super Bowls. They seem content to set the tone at first and then pick apart their opponents as the game progresses. On the other hand, the Rams will be under some degree of pressure to get on the board first by any means necessary. The first points will hit the board prior to the 7:30 mark of the first quarter.

Total Touchdowns:

Total touchdowns for Super Bowl LIII has been set at 6.5 with the over being juiced to the tune of -175.  The Patriots scored an average of a little under three TDs per game during the regular season while the Rams gave up an average of around 2.4. The Rams posted an average of a little under three touchdowns per game while the Patriots allowed just a pair. It would be easy to see these teams easily combining for seven TDs but it might not be so easy if these teams try to pound the ball. A couple of interceptions here and there could really mess up that total and the +155 is a live dog wager. Take the under and cross your fingers.

Total Field Goals Scored:

It looks like the oddsmakers are predicting most of the scoring will come via touchdowns and have set the over/under on total field goals at 3.5. The over is set at -130 while the under is priced at +110. Both of these kickers can nail them from good distances and both averaged over 1.5 field goals per game during the regular season. Lay the juice and take the over.

Longest Touchdown:

The over/under on the longest touchdown is 49.5 yards. It’s no secret that Tom Brady doesn’t produce a ton of long gains but the Rams have given up their share of big plays through the air this year. The Patriots are quite good at deep coverage but this might be offset by the talent of Los Angeles’ passing game. As for the chances of either team having a 50-yard rushing TD? Unlikely. You might be sitting on pins and needles all game but taking the under on this prop bet will pay off.

Shortest Touchdown:

Will the shortest touchdown score be over or under 1.5 yards? +140 says that it will be longer than that while -160 says that it will be shorter. It seems likely that both teams will get a crack at it from inside that mark and both teams have the horses to punch it in. -160 is expensive but it is the right play.

Longest Field Goal Scored:

48.5 yards is the benchmark and the odds are -110 either way. New England’s longest field goal of the regular season was a 52-yard kick while Los Angeles’ was a 56-yard boomer. Both kickers are very reliable and their respective coaches have a ton of faith in them. Take the over 48.5 yards with confidence.

Team To Score Last:

This one is a total coin toss but Brady and the Patriots seem to have the knack for having the last say in playoff games and especially in the Super Bowl. Be it a last-second game-winning field goal or a masterful touchdown drive, these guys have a solid track record. That might be why they are listed as -120 favorites in this case. It’s a solid bet.


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