• Betting NFL Football Teasers

    Teasers: They call them teasers for a reason

    Teasers are another tempting wager to make, much like the parlay. To fully understand the teaser and how to make a solid effort into making them winning wagers we have to know what they are, so let’s begin with the definition.

    Similar to a parlay, a teaser bet is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers but is different in that it also allows you to adjust the point spread of each individual wager. In exchange for the points, you will get less of a return on your bet. Each of the individual wagers must win or the bet is a loss.

    The difference between the teaser and the parlay is the draw to bettors. While the parlay draws the bettor in with the big payout, the teaser gives a decent payout but also draws the bettor in with the added points to each wager. So before we discuss a solid approach to betting teasers lets look at the dictionary definition of the word tease.

    Tease; to arouse hope, desire, or curiosity without satisfying them

    That definition may give some insight into where the name comes from but overall does not sound good for the bettor who is taking them. Let’s now take a glance at some tips that may help the bettor cash the ticket on a teaser wager.

    1. Football is what teasers were made for: The bettor can use a teaser in other sports such as basketball and it may look tempting after you have spent an entire football season playing teasers, but don’t do it. Stick to football if you’re going to bet teasers, that is what they were made for and that is where they apply best.

    2. Jump the line: In parlays you try to stay away from the key numbers and the same goes for teasers. When you’re playing a teaser use a number that will get you off the key numbers in football such as 3, 7, 10, 14, and 17. When you add points to these numbers then can help losing by a last minute field goal.

    3. Play sparingly: Teasers, like parlays are fun but they should not be the main source of your income and therefore you should play them at a smaller rate than your regular play and sparingly.

    Below is a table of usual payouts for the teaser wager. Keep in mind that different books offer different odds for the teaser wager so if you are going to play teasers check different books for the odds they offer. Bangthebook.com has a complete resource of sportsbooks to choose form when looking for odds on teaser wagers.

    Typical Teaser Payouts









    6 points








    6.5 points








    7 points








    This table just scratches the surface as some sports books will offer teasers up to 20 points and sometimes greater! Make sure to check around and do your research!

    Some of the best Sportsbooks for teasers are: Sportsbook.com, Bookmaker, DSI Sportsbook and Caribsports.

    Have fun with such wagers as the teaser and the parlay and research them carefully. These types of wagers were not created to lose money for the sportsbooks yet to entice the bettor in to making another wager with the sportsbook. If enough time and research is put into them not only can you profit from this type of wager but you can have fun doing it!