• Superbowl Betting

    It’s the biggest game of the year. It has full media attention and millions and millions of people world wide tune into this game every year without fail, it is the Super bowl. The Super bowl has become a fan favorite for everyone around the globe to not only watch but to wager on. So the question is does the sports bettor treat the big game like any other game when it comes to wagering on it or do they have to treat it differently? This question is answered differently depending on the person that is asked. This article will cover the big game with a focus on how to wager on it with plenty of features.

    The Pro’s will pass: Although it is touted as the Super bowl many professional sports gamblers will inform you that it is the last game in the world that a sports bettor should be laying money down on. In fact many professional will tell you that they don’t even take the time to watch it. The reason is although it is a game for the championship it is heavily scrutinized by the lines makers due to the amount of money that is wagered on it every year. Because of this line is very tight and to try to find an edge in the line may often be too difficult. Experience is everything: Even though the professionals pass on the game does not mean that everyone will. In fact it is the most wagered on game in the world so there are folks betting on it. One of the factors that a bettor should take account of is experience in the big game. From the coaches, down to the kicker it is important to know what players have experience on the big stage and what teams may be star struck in the spot light.

    If you don’t know your history you’re doomed to repeat it
    : This is true in the super bowl as well. Looking back at super bowl’s past can always lend insight to the game that is being played on the field today. The thing is to be aware of what things to take from the games in the past that will be valuable today.

    Proposition please: Many professionals say not to bet on the side of the super bowl but they will tell you that if you do bet on the super bowl to take propositions. The most wagered on proposition by the professionals are the player propositions. This is when the bettor must choose what player will have the most yards or will do well when matched against another player. If the sports bettor can do some top notch handicapping they can find some real diamonds in the rough with player propositions.

    Heads or Tails: Propositions are good, but with the super bowl there are many of them. For example you can wager on whether the coin toss is heads or tails. This is fun to wager on but don’t take them seriously. Some beer money or a side bet with friends is the most a sports bettor should do on these types of wager. There are many propositions so scan them carefully.

    The super bowl is always one of the best games of the season but don’t feel pressured to wager on it The best bet on super bowl Sunday is to just sit back and enjoy a great game!