We know the popular Super Bowl props like player to score the first TD and who will win the MVP but what are the props that are the most profitable? If you follow the money you can oftentimes find out what the professional bettors are betting on. That doesn’t mean those props will win but it never hurts to be on the same side as the wiseguys. Let’s look at some Super Bowl props that could be profitable for Super Bowl 51 between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

“No” and “Under”

When it comes to betting many of the Super Bowl props the professional bettors are going to take “No” and “Under.” The public is going to bet “Yes” and “Over” so it makes sense that the odds will be inflated on those two sides so the wiseguys take the value.

The public always bets the overtime and safety prop every year in the Super Bowl. The public has lost every single time with the overtime prop as never has a Super Bowl game gone to overtime but the safety prop has hit recently as it won for three straight years starting with the Giants winning over the Patriots in 2011-2012. That streak ended last year as there was no safety in Denver’s 24-10 win over Carolina in Super Bowl 50.

Coin Toss

You might not think of the coin toss as a profitable bet but that may not be the case this time around. At least one sportsbook but up a prop on will the player calling the coin toss call heads or tails with the odds a pick.  Bettors did some research on this one and found that the AFC is the designated road team which means the Patriots will call the toss.  The Patriots have called heads every time in the last two seasons.  Based on that information it seems like the players have the instruction from head coach Bill Belichik to call heads. Bettors have pounded that prop and the odds have gone from a pick to Heads -600.

Player Props

If you do some research you can come up with some good value on player props for Super Bowl 51.  One prop that caught my eye does have you laying some money but the odds are actually in your favor. The prop asks which will occur first, a Brady TD pass or a Brady interception. The TD pass is favored at -400. Brady threw 28 TD passes this season and only two interceptions for a ratio of 14-1. Brady simply doesn’t throw picks so there could be some value in taking him even at odds of -400.

Another prop that got my attention that is a bit more attractive in terms of the money is whether or not Julian Edelman will score a TD. The odds are a pick which gives great value on betting “No.” Edelman scored just three touchdowns during the regular season. Fantasy football players know that Edelman is a great PPR play but not that good in standard leagues because he rarely scores touchdowns.

Another interesting prop that has a lot of value is on whether or not New England punter Ryan Allen will have a punt that is a touchback. The odds on the “No” are listed at -250. Allen punted it 57 times this season and only had 5 touchbacks so betting the “No” is an excellent wager.

Those are just a few of the hundreds of props on the board for Super Bowl 51. If you do a little research you should be able to find more Super Bowl props worth wagering on.