Proving that there is no shortage of betting options for the Super Bowl, take a look at all of the novelty props that are available out there. Some are about the halftime show. Some are about the President’s Twitter account. Some are about the commercials. Some are about the national anthem. If you’re looking for action on the Super Bowl, it’s pretty easy to find. In fact, it’s almost too easy to find.

At time of writing, BetDSI Sportsbook and BetOnline Sportsbook are two shops with a lot of these different prop bets open. Others out in Vegas already have a lot of cross-sport props available, but those are not available to most of our readers, so we’re focusing solely on the offshore market.

These are simply worth beer money, unless you can somehow find a really significant edge. They’re mostly just fun to talk about and consider.

Let’s see what we can find for Super Bowl LI:

National Anthem

BetOnline: 2 minutes and 9.5 seconds (-110/-120)

This year’s national anthem singer is Luke Bryan, somebody who is very accustomed to the big stage and performing in front of large crowds. Some of the past anthem singers have had more of a theater background, so that made it a little bit challenging because it was fair to wonder if they would be overcome by the moment or really try to draw it out.

There’s a lot of footage on YouTube of Luke Bryan singing the national anthem. Of course, as a country singer, he’s also sung it in a few of his concerts. My initial thought is to look under. He’s not really a showman, so it should be a fairly quick rendition and he doesn’t really have a long, drawn-out singing voice. We should be in and out in under two minutes with the national anthem.

Player Out Due to Concussion-Like Symptoms?

DSI: +120/-150

This is a really sad thing to bet on, but it’s certainly interesting to consider. The wording is pretty intricate for this. A player that is out and will not return may have a concussion or concussion-like symptoms, but who knows how it will be graded. Obviously the chances are fairly high that a player gets his bell rung, but we also saw Julian Edelman get clearly concussed in Super Bowl XLIX and keep right on playing.

The natural inclination is to immediately play the “Yes” here, but the “No”, even at -150 could be a safer wager.

Super Bowl Ratings/Viewers

DSI: 48.5 (250/-350); 117.5 million (180/-240)

Super Bowl 50 actually ticked down a little bit from Super Bowl XLIX. The rating went from 47.5 to 46.6 and the number of viewers fell from 114.4 million to 111.86 million. The under is correct juiced in both of these. Atlanta is a very big media market, but it won’t be enough to push both of those numbers high enough.

There are a lot of people disenfranchised with the NFL out there for how it has handled abuse of women and various other issues over the last several years. The NFL’s popularity is kind of waning with casual observers and those are the ones that the NFL needs to grab in order to go over these numbers year after year. Many people I spoke with last year weren’t even impressed with the commercials, which now cost more than $5 million per 30 second ad.

Both unders are the way to go.

Lady Gaga Shows Cleavage

BetOnline: Yes -170; No -140

It certainly seems like the smart money is on some Lady Gaga cleavage. I’m not so sure. She’s certainly an interesting personality and her outfit could be pretty much anything and it wouldn’t surprise me. The one caveat about this bet is that it encompasses the entire halftime show. It’s not just when she hits the stage.

It’s interesting to point out that also at BetOnline, pants/shorts are a -130 favorite over skirt/dress +105, and no clothes +2000, which would obviously be an FCC violation, so we can rule that out. If she does opt for the pants route over a dress, then cleavage may have a little bit higher of a likelihood. A Google Image Search of Lady Gaga shows that some of her dresses are actually pretty conservative in terms of neckline, so pants may allow her to show off more of her other assets.

Truthfully, there are better prop options to spend your hard-earned bankroll on, but any excuse to talk about cleavage seems +EV.

Will Joe Buck/Troy Aikman reference the game’s odds?

DSI: Yes -115, No -115

This one is a little bit tricky. Joe Buck did make a roundabout reference to the odds in the Giants vs. Redskins game back in Week 17, but he didn’t directly talk about the side or the total. It was about Al Michaels and all of his point spread references. My best guess here is that Buck doesn’t say anything about the spread or total. This is the NFL’s spotlight game and the Commissioner is still inexplicably against the legalization of sports betting and wants to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Now, it is possible that Buck mentions how the game has the highest over/under ever in a Super Bowl because that’s an interesting talking point at the outset of the game and is something that will make casual fans get all excited for a high-scoring affair.

Another wrinkle here is that Joe Buck may make reference to the recent “retirement” of Brent Musberger, who is leaving the broadcast booth, but is staying in the sports arena with a Sirius/XM sports betting show. I’m not sure that he will do that either. Buck seems to be too stiff and by-the-book to mention gambling as it pertains to the “Spread/Total/Underdog/Favorite”, as the wording of the bet would suggest.

With that in mind, I’d place the value on the “No” side of things.

Good luck on these novelty props and on Super Bowl LI!