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NFL Betting Odds: What Coach Is Getting Fired First?

With the conclusion of the Monday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and Las Vegas Raiders, Week Two of the NFL season will be in the books. While it is too soon to know anything about anyone, that will not stop fans and analysts from jumping to all sorts of crazy conclusions.

One question that everyone likes to have an opinion on sooner rather than later is who will get fired first. Most teams will say they prefer to wait until the end of the season, but head coaches get fired during the season all the time.

The oddsmakers at BetOnline.ag have identified a couple of strong candidates to go first:

NFL First Coach Fired Odds

    • Adam Gase +150
    • Dan Quinn +200
    • Matt Patricia +600
    • Doug Marrone, Mike Zimmer +700
    • Anthony Lynn, Bill O’Brien +900
    • Vic Fangio +1400
    • Kevin Stefanski, Matt Nagy +2500
    • Frank Reich +3300

Most of these guys are not even worth considering. Frank Reich has done too good of a job for the Colts to consider letting him go. Kevin Stefanski is only two games into his time as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. So far, they are 1-1; he has no business being in this conversation, either.

Vic Fangio has done a better job than his predecessor, but he hasn’t done a great job yet. Losing his starting quarterback for a few weeks could help secure his position should the Broncos have a losing record again. But he is more likely to get fired next year if the Broncos struggle again.

Bill O’Brien, the GM, and head coach, absolutely needs to go. But the Texans have never fired a coach when they should. They always seem to give him two or three more years to prove he isn’t up to the task before letting him go.

If he goes, it will be at the end of the season, and someone is likely going to go during the season this year.

Anthony Lynn could be a candidate for the chopping block. He needs to win this year to make sure he has a job next season. With how rookie Justin Herbert looked Sunday, the Chargers could possibly earn a wildcard this year. But his loyalty to Tyrod Taylor could be the Chargers– and — his downfall.

Doug Marrone isn’t going to go anywhere, but if Kirk Cousins can’t get it together, Mike Zimmer might. But the most likely candidates to go first are Matt Patricia, Dan Quinn, and Adam Gase.

The Lions have been dismal under Matt Patricia, and look like this season will be much of the same. If that ends up being the case, he will be gone at the end of the season. However, it would not be shocking to see Dan Quinn or Adam Gase get fired in-season.

So—who should you bet on?

The Jets are dismal this year. While coaching deficiencies are part of the problem, they are not the only problem. Because of that, Gase will likely finish the season, at least. Quinn, however, may not.

The goodwill he earned getting the Falcons to the Super Bowl in 2016 is gone (or should be) after two losing seasons. But the icing on the cake came Sunday when his kick-return team did not know the rules about onside kicks. He claims differently, but it sure did not look that way.

Should the team continue to lose games while the offense continues to produce (under Dirk Koetter), it would not be shocking to see Quinn fired midseason so that the team can give Koetter a test drive.

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