NFL Betting Odds: NFC East Predictions 2019


As much as I want to, I can’t take credit for this work. Danny Vorgs kills it for us on a weekly basis at with his NFL Power Ratings and he’s going to have you fully prepared for the season with comprehensive previews across all eight divisions.

So, why am I writing this one? Well, the NFC East was a special treat from DV, as he wrote up each team individually and in deep detail as part of our full-staff season win total previews. For uniformity’s sake, I wanted to put some words on the page to highlight the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins.

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Danny did a phenomenal job previewing those four teams, but he’s written up the other seven divisions as a whole for us. You needed to know where to find these four previews and this just makes it easy. Plus, if I can find some sort of way to attach my name to Danny’s NFL work, it’s in my best interest!

But, seriously, there are hidden gems in this business and our resident NFL expert is one of them. His model-based approach to concocting power ratings and playing the subsequent spreads that look off led to a 51-35-1 (59.3%) record on sides last season. He’s also been toying with a totals model that came in at 110-79-3 (58.2%). Over his two years posting his power ratings for us, Danny is 97-75-2 (56.4%).

You can find Danny’s weekly NFL power ratings right here at this evergreen URL. Also, he talked about his process for coming up with home field advantage in the NFL prior to last season.

The following are links to DV’s NFC East season win total previews, including snippets on each team, not that you need to be teased into reading these. I would advise simply taking my word for it.

Dallas Cowboys

The 2019 version of the Cowboys will feature many of the same faces from the previous year and are expected to compete with the Eagles in the top-heavy NFC East for another division title. Despite the fact that a repeat champ of the East hasn’t happened in 14 seasons, there’s a lot of optimism in Dallas as a young core of talented players believes it has the necessary pieces to take the next step.

New York Giants

With a fair amount of youth on the starting defense, we will likely see some growing pains early on. But, the Giants have a history of disruptive defensive lineman and overall the unit could certainly grow if the young players along the line quickly reach their potential.

Philadelphia Eagles

Has this team regained the hunger which seemed lacking early last season? Does the defensive line still have enough talent to provide the push they did in key moments in the past? Most importantly what’s the health status of Carson Wentz moving forward? The answers to these questions will likely determine whether the 2019 Eagles are a true Super Bowl threat or merely a good team on the fringes of playoff contention.

Washington Redskins

A glass half full view would point to the strengths of this team and determine the early start as an accurate barometer of the Skin’s potential before the mounting injuries took their toll. A less optimistic opinion of the Redskins would suggest that last year’s unfortunate injury luck merely masked larger issues such as a lack of skill position talent, the question marks at quarterback, and poor management by the front office.

So which is it? Are the Skins only a healthy season away from competing for a playoff spot in ‘19 or should fans expect their decades-long suffering to continue?


We’ll be lucky to have Danny all season long at and you’ll be lucky to have his column to read every week. Keep it tuned right here for all of your football needs.

(Editor’s note: As the division previews get posted throughout the week, we’ll link to them at the bottom of the page. Read Danny’s thoughts on the AFC EAST, AFC NORTH, AFC SOUTH, AFC WEST, NFC NORTH, NFC SOUTH, and NFC WEST by clicking the appropriate link.)


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