In our quest to have the most comprehensive sports betting site in the industry, we have added a new show to our weekly rotation of great audio content. “The Bettor’s Box” is our new twice-a-week MLB betting podcast hosted by writer and personality Adam Burke. This show can be heard on Mondays and Thursdays and will cover some important MLB wagering information, including betting line analysis, free picks, and a daily fantasy sports component to help you dominate those DraftKings and FanDuel pools.

This show is designed to help listeners improve as baseball handicappers. With a sabermetric stat of the day and a discussion on how to bet on baseball, the amount of information crammed into each episode should help build your baseball betting bankroll. Listeners of the show can hit Adam Burke up on Twitter at his handle, @SkatingTripods, to talk baseball betting, topics for the show, or any other sport at BangTheBook.

Kicking off the first of two editions of The Bettor’s Box this week, Adam took a look Beyond the Box Score. The series between the Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays brought a lot of things to the forefront for those two teams. The Braves are a lot better than people expected so far and the Blue Jays, specifically some key players, have underachieved. How should listeners approach those teams moving forward? You’ll want to pay close attention here because there are a lot of important points for the future.

Another series of interest was the one between the San Diego Padres and Chicago Cubs. What did Adam find out about these two teams? Why should bettors take a closer look at the Padres over the next couple of weeks? It was a series of teams with a high perception from the oddsmakers and one team looked better than another.

As always, there were some line moves that grabbed some attention over the weekend. Some pitchers are still being undervalued and others are being overvalued. Certain teams are being bet against already because of some early-season overachieving. Certain pitchers are also getting attention start after start. Who are these teams and what should bettors interpret from the line moves?

Sabermetrics are one of Adam’s favorite areas of baseball study. On every show, Adam takes a look at a sabermetric stat that can have some handicapping impact for listeners. Oddsmakers may not dig all that deep into the statistical profiles of players and that’s why this segment is important.

Monday’s pick is on a pitcher that Adam likes, but the price is off and the opponent has a lot on the line, even though it’s just April 20. This is a series with a couple of teams that are very familiar with each other and so there’s definitely a little something extra on the line.

The early part of the week features some series that bettors should be watching closely for a lot of different reasons. With some thoughts on those and a look ahead at a dynamite pitching matchup on Wednesday, there are some good talking points for listeners to focus on up until Thursday’s show.

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