It’s a little bit of short notice here today for the daily fantasy article, but with 10 of the 15 games going on during the day, it’s better to get some insight into the fat part of the schedule. Everybody is distracted by the NFL today, so maybe there will be some better opportunities in MLB. I cannot stress this enough – wait for the lineups! With a mid-September Sunday, it could be a day when a lot of good players get the day off. Make sure you don’t take a zero from having an inactive player.

Remember that our column here at BangTheBook is centered exclusively on finding value. You know who the good players are. So does everybody else. It’s those under-the-radar guys that you pair with those high-salary players that allow you to come out on top.

DraftKings or FanDuel are the industry leaders in ease of use and safe, free transactions. Use these tips and the tips from our daily radio show to improve your abilities and fill out the winning lineup. Our MLB daily fantasy tips and suggestions article is different in that we’re not looking for the top scorers, but for the best values so that you can get the edge that you need in order to save money for the game’s best players.

The salaries listed are from DraftKings:

Here are the top teams to stack for September 18:

Tampa BayIt’s not easy to stack the Rays at this point in the year, but you have to do it against Wade Miley. Wade Miley has been more hurtful than helpful since he joined the Orioles. That’s what an 8.41 ERA will do. While it’s true that the Rays have gradually fallen down the wOBA rankings against LHP, they still have a 103 wRC+, which is tied for eighth, so they’re still an above average offense in this split.

OaklandPressure off, the Oakland A’s have started to have some fun. Over the last six games, Oakland has scored 16, 5, 8, 14, 6, and 11 runs. There aren’t a lot of household names carrying big price tags to roster against Colby Lewis today, so this is a team stack on a team that seems to be trying to finish the year on a high note. Lewis is an extreme fly ball guy, so the A’s could have a lot of success if they get some balls up in the jet stream.

MilwaukeeThis is a massive gamble. Will it pay off? Probably not, but on a day when we don’t really know what lineups will look like, there may be some value in taking a roll of the dice here. Kyle Hendricks is having a brilliant season. There’s no question about that. But, Hendricks has a 1.33 ERA in the second half over 74.1 innings of work. He has a .223 BABIP against and a 97.9 percent LOB%. Those are really unsustainable numbers. He only has a handful of starts left, so maybe it can continue, but we’re talking about some pretty remarkable, highly improbable stuff.

Here are the top value hitters for September 18:

Ryon Healy ($3,500) – One of those A’s to put in your lineup is Ryon Healy, who is on an absolute tear. This season, Healy owns a .311/.348/.528 slash, but he’s raking at a .415/.478/.805 slash over his last 10 games with four dingers and four doubles. The 24-year-old has been a good hitter in the minor leagues and he’s trying to make an impact for next season. Riding the wave with him comes at a very reasonable cost.

Jose Reyes ($4,100) – Jose Reyes should be a table setter today for the Mets as they take on the Twins. Kyle Gibson is a below average starter with a ground ball split and the speed is still above average for Reyes. Reyes is a .272/.327/.455 hitter this year, as he’s sprinkled the long ball into his arsenal a little bit more, especially of late. It’s not a great day to try to project hitting, so he’s a safer pick with dual eligibility at SS and 3B.

Bryce Harper ($4,400) – As Bryce Harper continues to struggle, his price becomes more and more reasonable. Harper is in a massive funk right now, but he’s seen Matt Wisler a lot and perhaps it’s the matchup that he needs to turn things around. Harper looked like a slam dunk MVP earlier in the year. It’s not like he suddenly lost his talent.

Here are the top value pitchers for September 18:

Trevor Bauer ($7,200) – Aside from two Justin Upton swings, the Tigers have scored four runs in 19 innings in this series against the Indians. Trevor Bauer has to be considered a good value pick here, as the Indians hit the field with a chance to effectively remove any doubt in the AL Central. Bauer now takes on more importance with Carlos Carrasco’s injury and he’ll try to set the tone here.

Ivan Nova ($9,100) – I went back and forth about both starters in this game, but settled on Ivan Nova over Dan Straily. Nova is a little higher on the salary chart, but he’s been locked in since he started pitching for the Pirates. He’s a perfect fit for this defensive philosophy and he doesn’t allow free baserunners, so that’s perfect for DFS players hoping to get a good number from a guy that doesn’t strike out a lot of batters.

Jose Quintana ($9,900) – The Royals have now mailed it in for the season and their offense has been poor throughout the year. Jose Quintana is looking to put the finishing touches on another fantastic season over the next two weeks and this is a great spot for him to take advantage of a lineup that won’t be all that invested in a Sunday day game.