As usual, we’ll place our focus on Wednesday’s nighttime action. All 30 teams are in action, with eight of them involved in getaway day action. That gives us 11 games and 22 teams to consider for this evening’s slate. The NFL season begins tomorrow and there will be football throughout the weekend, so this is the last time this week that baseball has the spotlight all to itself. With expanded rosters and some unique pitching situations, you have to put just a little bit of extra effort into the DFS landscape. Let’s see what we can find for September 7.

Remember that our column here at BangTheBook is centered exclusively on finding value. You know who the good players are. So does everybody else. It’s those under-the-radar guys that you pair with those high-salary players that allow you to come out on top.

DraftKings or FanDuel are the industry leaders in ease of use and safe, free transactions. Use these tips and the tips from our daily radio show to improve your abilities and fill out the winning lineup. Our MLB daily fantasy tips and suggestions article is different in that we’re not looking for the top scorers, but for the best values so that you can get the edge that you need in order to save money for the game’s best players.

The salaries listed are from DraftKings:

Here are the top teams to stack for September 7:

TorontoThe Blue Jays draw right-hander Bryan Mitchell in Wednesday night’s matchup at Yankee Stadium. Mitchell has had a pretty unfortunate season. A variety of injuries have limited him to just 21 innings spread over four minor league levels. He had a 4.29 ERA in those innings with three unearned runs allowed. In 20 appearances, two of them starts, with the Yankees last season, Mitchell pitched to a 6.37 ERA with a 4.75 FIP and a 4.04 xFIP. He probably won’t work too deep into this one, but that’s enough time for Toronto to get the bats started and keep them going against the bullpen.

BostonThis one isn’t as obvious of a stack as you might think because the Red Sox have had to limit David Ortiz’s plate appearances out in San Diego without the services of the DH. It’s also a long trip out west late in the season. There actually aren’t a ton of great stacking options today, but stacking against Jarred Cosart is near the top of the list. Cosart has a 5.14/4.40/4.62 pitcher slash between stints with Miami and San Diego. He’s issuing a lot of walks and doesn’t miss many bats, so Boston will have a lot of traffic on the bases.

PhiladelphiaThe Phillies are still playing hard and they have to be excited about a chance to face Andrew Cashner. Cashner has a 5.57 ERA with a 4.30 FIP and a 5.11 xFIP in his 32.1 innings with the Marlins. His walk rate is also up in a big way. On the whole, Cashner has a 5.00/4.76/4.71 pitcher slash over 111.2 innings on the season. The Phillies are definitely a cheap stacking option to possibly pair with the Blue Jays for a big night.

Here are the top value hitters for September 7:

Anthony Rendon ($3,400) – This seems like a gift of a price on Anthony Rendon. Sure, his batting average is higher against lefties, but Rendon has hit 16 of his 17 home runs against righties this season. His .460 SLG is very solid and so are his .343 wOBA and 112 wRC+. Rendon has been an above average hitter all season long and he’s been an excellent fastball hitter this season, rating 11.9 runs above average per PITCHf/x data. Mike Foltynewicz throws a ton of fastballs.

Raimel Tapia ($2,900) – The Rockies have some prospects in their system that have graduated to the big leagues, like David Dahl and Raimel Tapia. Check the lineup to make sure Tapia’s in there, but getting a high-upside left-hander against a right-handed hurler at Coors Field at a price like this is a good idea. Left-handed hitters have a .450 SLG against Albert Suarez this season and a 16/13 K/BB ratio.

Tyler Naquin ($3,800) – Tyler Naquin has provided some highlight reel hits for the Indians this season, but he slacked off a bit lately. The nice thing here is that he faces Doug Fister, who can barely break a window with his fastball. Naquin has excelled against offspeed stuff, as pitchers, particularly late-inning relievers, have overpowered him of late. This is a much better matchup and a chance for Naquin to get back on track.

Here are the top value pitchers for September 7:

Brock Stewart ($4,500) – This is a terrible day for finding cheap pitching. Brock Stewart is a starting point because he has the upside to miss bats and the Diamondbacks can’t hit righties. This is the third day in the cycle for AJ Pollock, as Arizona has played him two days and sat him for a day, so there should be one less dangerous hitter in the lineup. Stewart has recorded over a strikeout per inning at four different levels this season.

Jeremy Hellickson ($8,700) – I really don’t like this, but the pitching market aside from the top arms is a mess tonight. The Marlins are bringing Giancarlo Stanton back in a pinch-hitting capacity because they are desperate to stop falling out of the race. Hellickson will face the same watered-down Marlins lineup that has dragged the team down since the All-Star Break, so he should have some upside at a fairly reasonable price tonight.

Jameson Taillon ($9,200) – The Cardinals have already won this series and there has to be some sense of desperation on the Pittsburgh side. Jameson Taillon has been the team’s second-best starter behind Gerrit Cole this season, so they may have the right guy on the bump tonight. Taillon has a 3.25 ERA with a 3.61 FIP and a 3.28 xFIP. He’s always flashed great command, so hopefully balls get hit at people and he can work deep into the ballgame with good results.