Ten games are on the docket for this evening in Major League Baseball. A day/night doubleheader between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers gives us a total of 11 games to consider overall, but it’s easiest to just eliminate the White Sox and Tigers matinee game from consideration. Keep an eye on those Game 1 lineups, though. That could yield some value for Game 2. After a one-day hiatus on Sunday, Adam Burke is back with some DFS baseball thoughts for Monday night.

DraftKings or FanDuel are the industry leaders in ease of use and safe, free transactions. Use these tips and the tips from the twice-a-week MLB betting podcast, The Bettor’s Box, to improve your abilities and fill out the winning lineup. Our MLB daily fantasy tips and suggestions article is different in that we’re not looking for the top scorers, but for the best values so that you can get the edge that you need in order to save money for the game’s best players.

The salaries listed are from DraftKings:

Here are the top teams to stack for September 21:

HoustonThe Astros have had no luck with Jered Weaver this season. They’re one of very few teams not to beat around the declining right-hander. This will be their fourth time against Weaver. His last two outings against the Astros were at home. His April 17 outing was in Houston and he pitched well, but the Astros got off to a shaky start offensively in their first 10 games. This is a different lineup with Carlos Gomez and Carlos Correa. Weaver has played on Houston’s aggression so far this season, but the Astros have the talent to adjust.

PittsburghJon Gray returns back to Coors Field after enjoying two starts in quality pitcher’s parks. He worked at Dodger Stadium in his last start and at Petco Park two starts ago. The Rockies are wasting valuable development time by keeping Gray on strict pitch counts and he’s only worked a full six innings once. Gray has struggled at Coors Field and the Rockies bullpen is terrible. This seems like a perfect storm of opportunity for the Pirates to put up some nice offensive numbers.

New York Yankees – You’re not going to find many of these stacks, but going contrarian may not be a bad idea here. The Yankees will be seeing Price for the fourth time in less than two months. They’ve had marginal levels of success, not enough to write home about, but enough to show that they can hit him a little bit. Price gave up 11 hits two starts ago and only lasted five innings last start, throwing 96 pitches in the process. Crazier things have happened than an ace getting shelled when nobody expects it. It takes lightning in a bottle to cash in a high position in a GPP, so this isn’t a bad gamble.

Here are the best value hitters for September 21:

Justin Morneau ($3,500) – It’s nice to see Morneau back in the lineup, let alone being productive. Morneau has dealt with some serious concussion symptoms sporadically for the last couple of years and he’s been limited to 145 plate appearances this season. When he’s been in there, he’s been productive with a .294/.338/.456 slash. Park-adjusted, it’s not great, but DFS sites don’t charge a penalty for taking players in Coors Field, so go ahead and give Morneau a look tonight.

George Springer ($4,000) – Springer is a great look at a reasonable price against Jered Weaver. Springer has the power and speed combination that DFS players look for and he is 13-for-15 in stolen bases against right-handed pitchers on the season. Some really odd batted ball luck at home has limited his numbers, as he has a .275 BABIP at home against a .364 on the road, but there’s a ton of value potential in Springer, especially if the Astros do crack The Weaver Code.

Mikie Mahtook ($3,300) – Mahtook continues to be a very valuable contributor against left-handed pitching for the Rays. He owns a .283/.377/.565 slash at the big league level against southpaws and he’s batting in a premier spot in the order. Any time you can get cheap players with upside that are going to bat in the top half of the order, you have to seriously consider them. Mahtook is one of them.

Here are the best value pitchers for September 21:

John Lamb ($6,800) – John Lamb doesn’t have to do a whole lot to be worth this price and the Cardinals offense hasn’t done a whole lot for a while. Lamb hasn’t been working deep into games, but that’s largely because strikeouts run up pitch counts. He’s had some command problems, but the Cardinals don’t hit for a lot of power. If Lamb can throw six reasonable innings with six strikeouts, this price tag will be a bargain.

Gio Gonzalez ($9,600) – The best part about Gio Gonzalez is that you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get. He’ll throw six innings with six or seven strikeouts, two or three walks, and he’ll keep his team in the game. The Orioles can be a tough lineup to face, but Gonzalez is one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball and he knows how to work out of jams. He’s reliable and sometimes that’s the best asset a guy can have in daily fantasy.

Dallas Keuchel ($11,400) – Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of cheap value on the board on Monday. There are too many question marks with the cheaper pitchers, so it’s down to guys that are expected to pitch well. Keuchel is certainly one of them after getting rocked by the Rangers last week. Great pitchers step up in spots like this. Keuchel has been really good for two seasons, but he hasn’t had too many starts like this one. He fell flat in his last one. This is almost a gamble on his toughness because this is another big start.