In our quest to have the most comprehensive sports betting site in the industry, we have added a new show to our weekly rotation of great audio content. “The Bettor’s Box” is our new twice-a-week MLB betting podcast hosted by writer and personality Adam Burke. This show can be heard on Mondays and Thursdays and will cover some important MLB wagering information, including betting line analysis, free picks, and a daily fantasy sports component to help you dominate those DraftKings and FanDuel pools.

This show is designed to help listeners improve as baseball handicappers. With a sabermetric stat of the day and a discussion on how to bet on baseball, the amount of information crammed into each episode should help build your baseball betting bankroll. Listeners of the show can hit Adam Burke up on Twitter at his handle, @SkatingTripods, to talk baseball betting, topics for the show, or any other sport at BangTheBook.

Recapping what happened over the weekend, Adam took a look back at the Indians vs. Tigers series. The Tigers really took it to the Indians throughout the weekend and the Indians lost Yan Gomes. What does this mean for the Indians? What does the loss of Gomes mean for the Tribe? Also, what does this series say about the Tigers?

Another interesting series outcome occurred in Anaheim as the Kansas City Royals swept the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Royals have had a lot of success against southpaws so far this season, which came as a surprise to Adam. What should bettors look for out of the Royals over the next couple of weeks? Can they keep up this pace?

Line moves in baseball are always worth talking about. There were some over the weekend that piqued Adam’s interest and some for Monday night that merited discussion. It’s important to see what perception looks like, both from the oddsmakers and the betting market, and that can be a good way to make money early in the season. What lines stood out to Adam?

Monday’s pick is on an interleague matchup where the home team definitely has an edge because of what the road team has to do without the designated hitter. It’s important to look deeper into games and look for any possible edge. There are some good edges available in this game.

With a sabermetric stat of the day and some daily fantasy strategy tips, this is a full-circle MLB show designed to educate and inform listeners. This look at some of the advanced concepts may be a bit murky for listeners, so look for Adam on Twitter and talk more with him if you want to find out how to apply all of these things to your future betting and DFS play.

What is Adam looking for between now and the next show? It’s something you should be looking for as well because it can help you win future wagers. Be sure to listen closely to the show and since BlogTalkRadio cut off at the end, remember that you’ll never strike out when you’re in The Bettor’s Box.

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