In our quest to have the most comprehensive sports betting site in the industry, we have added a new show to our weekly rotation of great audio content. “The Bettor’s Box” is our new twice-a-week MLB betting podcast hosted by writer and personality Adam Burke. This show can be heard on Mondays and Thursdays and will cover some important MLB wagering information, including betting line analysis, free picks, and a daily fantasy sports component to help you dominate those DraftKings and FanDuel pools.

This show is designed to help listeners improve as baseball handicappers. With a sabermetric stat of the day and a discussion on how to bet on baseball, the amount of information crammed into each episode should help build your baseball betting bankroll. Listeners of the show can hit Adam Burke up on Twitter at his handle, @SkatingTripods, to talk baseball betting, topics for the show, or any other sport at BangTheBook.

Taking a look Beyond the Box Score, Adam began the show by examining the series between the Boston Red Sox and the Washington Nationals. The Red Sox gave up 25 runs in the series and it exposed some problems for Boston, even though they won the series. What did this series tell us about the Red Sox? And, not only that, but it told us a lot about the Washington Nationals. These are two public teams given the name recognition and offseasons. What should bettors look like?

Another series under the microscope was the outcome between the Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants. The Rockies swept the Giants. Does that make them a team to bet on? What about the Giants? How should handicappers play on these teams going forward? The answer might surprise you.

Adam hit one down the lines to break down some line moves from earlier in the week and for Thursday’s action. He found something that should be beneficial to bettors for the next several weeks. Oddsmakers are making a rare mistake and that’s something that bettors can take advantage of. If you don’t know what it is, listen closely to Thursday’s edition of The Bettor’s Box.

Thursday’s show included a pick for Thursday night, a sabermetric stat presented for discussion and betting impact, daily fantasy advice, and something to look for during the weekend series. Information is power when betting on baseball and there’s no shortage of information out there in the market.

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