The Bettor’s Box is a MLB betting podcast that goes in-depth on baseball like no other podcast out there. Host Adam Burke is a student of the game with a great mind for baseball statistics and that can help our readers and listeners make money betting on MLB. This show includes daily fantasy baseball tips and sabermetric statistics to peel back that layers of what it takes to be a baseball handicapper.

This show can be heard twice-a-week on Mondays and Thursdays with a lot of information on both shows. Every episode includes a look back at what has happened recently and a look ahead at what to watch for throughout the week or over the weekend. Listeners of the show can hit Adam Burke up on Twitter at his handle, @SkatingTripods, to talk baseball betting, topics for the show, or any other sport at BangTheBook. He’s always willing to discuss baseball, as well as the other spots.

This Thursday edition of The Bettor’s Box began with a look Beyond the Box Score. Adam had some observations from some of the key series from earlier in the week that he shared with listeners. The first was the New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers series that was a prime example of one of Adam’s favorite handicapping topics. It showed us a lot about the nature of handicapping baseball. Three other series, along with some early season statistical outliers, were discussed during this segment.

The pick for Thursday night was a total. With a small schedule of night games thanks to getaway day games, the options were limited, but Adam gave a lot of compelling reasons to make this bet on a game that is not lined correctly.

Do you know what the circadian rhythm is? It’s a wagering angle that you use without even realizing it. Adam spent a good amount of time on this because it’s something the bettors should be aware of. It’s not enough in handicapping to look at the matchups. There are a lot of other intangibles that come into play and that’s how to gain an edge over the sportsbooks.

With a brief look at a daily fantasy tip, this show covers all aspects of betting on baseball. Looking for certain things out of pitchers and their opponents is a good way to select your starting pitchers. Pitchers are expensive in daily fantasy, so finding good value in those is important to do.

There’s a lot to watch for this weekend. The Subway Series between the New York Mets and New York Yankees tops the list for Adam. There are some good pitching matchups, but Adam sees a major disadvantage for the Mets this weekend. The Minnesota Twins head out to the northwest to take on the Seattle Mariners. Also, the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers meet in a battle of the top teams in the NL West.

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