The Chicago Cubs have been a favorite to win the World Series all season long. They have an incredible pitching staff that can go toe to toe with any team in the league, to include the San Francisco Giants who are also in the running for the pennant in the National League. The Cubs also are equipped with a young and powerful lineup that can hit the ball and score some runs. It seems as though the Cubs are finally in line to win a World Series title and break the curse that has been hanging over this team for decades.

The Major League Baseball odds makers had the Cubs at 7/2 to win the title although they had one weakness. That one weakness was the fact that the Cubs are missing a left handed reliever and a closer. This hole in the Cubs lineup could have been damaging in the post season, until now.

The Cubs are showing their fans that they are in a win now mode by making a blockbuster trade with the New York Yankees. The Cubs announced they had parted with Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney, Adam Warren and Rashad Crawford in exchange for reliever Aroldis Chapman. Although the Cubs had to ship off their number one minor league prospect they now believe they have all of the pieces that the Cubs need to finally bring a World Series back to the Windy City.

Chapman does come with some baggage as MLB suspended the fire ball thrower, for the first 30 games of the 2016 season after he violated the league's and players' union's joint policy on domestic violence. This is behind him and although there are no guarantees there is reason to believe that this is put in his past and he is ready to focus on baseball. He has been great for the Yankees and if he can duplicate that effort there is every reason to believe that the Cubs are in a fantastic position to win it all.

Chapman’s stats have been incredible this season. He has appeared in 31 games, converting 20 saves and posting a 2.01 ERA. In addition, his FIP (1.93) and xFIP (2.38) are also lower than their 2015 equivalents (1.94 FIP, 2.49 xFIP). He is a closer in every sense of the word. However, many believe the Cubs are taking too much of a risk.

The Cubs did great in close games this season. The Cubs are 55-1 going into the 9th with lead, 53-1 going into the 8th and 53-5 into 7th which is just short of amazing. If Chapman chooses to go elsewhere next season and the Cubs do not win a World Series, this trade would be considered a disaster.

There is no such thing as a lock in sports betting. There are too many things that can happen to include injuries and outliers, but the Cubs have done everything possible to be called the favorites to win the World Series.