Live Betting in the NBA – Betting Tips and Strategies


The 2019-20 NBA season is upon us, and for the next six months, we will see a ton of games that will bring plenty of intriguing picks and markets to choose from. During the regular season, every night is an opportunity for the bettors to lay the odds, especially when there are more than two or three games on the schedule. Tuesday and Thursday are mainly slow days in the NBA, but on every other day, the bettors can expect a lot of interesting matchups.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to place a bet on time, or you will feel uncomfortable with the spread or the line on the totals. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to skip the game thanks to live betting that allows you to wager during the contest. Live betting lines and odds will mostly differ from the pre-game chalks and will literally vary every minute depending on the situation on the court. Still, live betting in the NBA offers you a chance to find a value regardless of the current result on the scoreboard, while you also have a sample of the particular clash you want to bet on.

Live Betting Markets

As well as pre-game action, you can take the money line odds, spread, and over/under on the totals once the game is underway. Of course, all these markets are available for each quarter and the first and second half. Likewise, many sportsbooks offer alternative lines. Likewise, you can bet on the race to points, a winning margin, double chance, and even will there be overtime.

Keep in mind that some of the markets won’t be available at some points of the game. If one team has a 20-point lead with three minutes to go in the fourth quarter, you certainly cannot take the money line odds, but you will be able to go with the spread or wager on the totals. Also, we have mentioned that lines and odds change often and quickly, so be prepared to make a move. Live betting doesn’t allow you to hesitate a lot, and a 5-point spread can become an 8-point spread in a blink of an eye.

Money Line and Spread – Betting Strategies

Live betting in the NBA allows you to watch part of a game and make your decisions based on what you saw. Even if you don’t watch the game and just look at the stats, you will be able to make some conclusions. You can notice who’s on-fire early in the game or who’s completely out of the clash. Still, when an All-Star player is shooting 1-for-10 in the first half, you can be sure he’ll make some shots in the second half. This refers to the teams, too. Rarely a team shot awfully for all 48 minutes and there is a big chance they will start knocking down their shots at some point.

Live betting is very useful when you see a double-digit favorite struggling at home in the first half. For example, the Boston Celtics are 11-point home favorites against the Atlanta Hawks, and the Celtics are trailing by ten points at halftime. That’s the chance to take Boston at decent money line odds to rally and win the clash, especially if they are coming off an upset and shouldn’t allow another one. It means you still need some basic research before taking live action.

They say you can’t win the game in the first half, but you can certainly lose one. A 10-point deficit at halftime is nothing for a good team. That lead can disappear in two minutes, and we’ve seen it many times before. Also, the third quarter is a key, and good teams often put on a strong performance after the break. This is another aspect when you need basic pre-game research. Look after the teams who play strong in the second half and wait for a chance to take them at halftime. The road underdogs often enter the clash with nothing to lose and could be on fire in the first half.

Live Betting on the Totals Strategies

The points in basketball often come in runs. One team score 11 in a row, and then, the other one responds with an 8-0 run. After that, you’ll see a few scoreless possessions or both teams making baskets, but scoring points in sequences is an essential thing in basketball. So, how this can help you with live betting in the NBA?

Simple, if the total has been set at 210.0 points and you see 125 points in the total in the first half, there’s no way those two teams will score the same amount or more in the second half. It happens so rarely. No team can shoot 60.0% from the field for all 48 minutes. After a bunch of baskets in the first half, the best move is to take the under on the totals in the third quarter.

Likewise, if both teams struggle from the field in the first half, there is a huge chance they will start knocking down shots in the second half. However, you have to be sure that those two teams don’t possess elite defenses or their best players are sidelined with injuries or foul trouble. Make sure you have all the important information. Knowing the teams’ style of play, their pace and shot percentages is a must.

Furthermore, watching games is a big plus. It is the best way to gain an advantage over the bookies and pick up some information that will help you to make the right in-game wager. Sometimes, the stats cannot tell you everything you need to know, so try to watch those games you want to bet on.


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