Is Sports Betting Legal in Utah?

There are no locks in sports betting. Except one. The state of Utah will never legalize sports betting. Keep in mind that Utah senator Orrin Hatch was one of the writers of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act that made sports betting illegal outside of Nevada, Montana, Oregon, and Delaware in the first place.

Utah has a very conservative leadership and there is a ton of religious influence in politics in the state. Utah doesn’t have a lottery. Utah doesn’t have casinos. Utah doesn’t have horse tracks. Basically, Utah has no gambling and legalized sports betting will not be the first thing that Utah adopts with regards to gaming.

It will never happen. It is a lock. A 100 percent lock. Because states have the right to decide for themselves with the strike down of PASPA, all 50 state legislatures and/or the voters can make the call. In Utah, it has to go through the legislature before it can be voted on. Therefore, it has no chance.


Recent News Stories About Sports Betting

Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox stopped by News 4 in Utah and answered the question about as definitively as we just did above.

Per the Deseret News, Senator Orrin Hatch is still keeping up his crusade against legalized sports betting in just about every way that he still can.



Nope. Never. Not gonna happen.


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