Is Sports Betting Legal in Iowa?

In terms of the states that don’t have sports betting legislation ready to go, Iowa is still one of the closest to making it a reality. A push was on in the state legislature before the Supreme Court even struck down PASPA, as it was pretty much inevitable at some point in time. During those discussions, many politicians were able to bypass the issue by pointing out how it was legal on a national level anyway.

Well, that excuse no longer flies, so expect Iowa to move pretty quickly when the legislature is back in session. Iowa already has casino gambling and neighboring states to the south are making their pushes for legalized betting, so giving up that tax revenue is an issue for state officials. As such, Iowa should move pretty quickly.

Iowa doesn’t have any pro sports teams, so the opposition from the leagues hasn’t really hit their borders as hard as it has in other states. With the leagues backing off and simply looking for their cut, much more populous states than Iowa are moving forward, so the Hawkeye State knows it needs to get in gear.

Unfortunately, like most states, Iowa has already concluded its legislative proceedings for the year. When both sides reconvene in January, it is an issue at the top of the list.


Recent News Stories About Betting

William Petroski of the Des Moines Register reported on that last point about how sports betting will hit the legislative floor to start the new year.

In an editorial for the Des Moines Register, the author discussed how the state needs to put more money into its problem gaming programs in advance of legalized wagering.

NBC 13 WHO had a segment about sports betting on the news the day that PASPA was struck down that featured quotes from some state congressmen and women.

The upcoming gubernatorial race could have an impact on how quickly things progress in 2019. Democratic hopeful Fred Hubbell spoke as if he wants to put the brakes on legalized wagering, as reported by The Gazette.

The current governor commented on sports betting on WHO NBC 13 and said that she would give the Iowa Lottery Board a chance to look into sports betting.



While the gubernatorial race may have some impact, Hubbell faces an uphill climb, as Iowa hasn’t gone Democrat for the governorship since 2006. Kim Reynolds hasn’t said much, but the legislature is going to put a bill on the governor’s desk early next year and it will most likely be signed. If the people want it and the state’s officials want it, it will go through. Like a lot of Midwest states, it will only be a matter of time.


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