How to Bet Teasers in NBA – Betting Tips and Strategies


The new NBA season starts in a few days, and we just can’t wait for a tip-off. The opening day brings two great matchups, as the reigning champions Toronto Raptors welcome the New Orleans Pelicans, while the Lakers take on the Clippers in the battle for Los Angeles. Hereof, it’s a great opportunity to talk about the NBA teaser and how to take it. It’s a long basketball season ahead of us, so you will have plenty of opportunities to bet teasers in the NBA.

So, a teaser bet is a parlay where you take two or more teams and tease the lines of each contest. You have to take an identical set number of points for each game you take for a teaser. Therefore, the bookies offer you a 4.5-point, 5-points, and 5.5-point teaser, while you can choose the number of teams. Some sportsbooks will allow you to go higher and tease your teams to six or more points. Of course, you have to win all the games on your teaser to win the bet, just like with the parlay. Now, here is the list of payouts, depending on how many games you take and what type of teaser you select.

NBA Teaser Payouts

NBA Teaser Bet 4.5-Point Teaser 5-Point Teaser 5.5-Point Teaser
2 Games +100 -115 -128
3 Games +185 +155 +142
4 Games +310 +250 +225

NBA Teasers – Betting Tips and Strategies

When you are taking the NBA teaser bet, you’re buying points for your teams. The bookies allow you to do it, but they force you to take two or more games. Mathematically, you have fewer chances to win the teaser bet than a straight bet, although you’re buying points. Your chances are fifty-fifty with a straight bet and 25.0% with a two-game teaser. This is a key reason why the vast majority of professional bettors avoid NBA teasers, but there are situations when taking a teaser is a smart move.

First, try to stick with a two-game 5.5-point teaser. With the third team on your teaser, you are decreasing your chances to win a lot. Also, when you are buying points, take the most you can. That half a point can make a difference. Second, try to get the most from your teaser. Don’t tease a 5-point favorite with a 5-point teaser. Instead, go with the money line odds.

Arguably, the best strategy for the NBA teaser is to go after home favorites and home underdogs around seven or eight points. If you fancy a 7-point home underdog, take it with a 5.5-point teaser. Your team is now a 12.5-point dog. You believe they can cover a 7-point spread, and you are pretty sure they won’t lose by 13 or more points. Hereof, taking a teaser is a logical choice but only if you have another strong pick to tease. If you have four teams on the night, I suggest you make two separate teasers rather than go with a four-game teaser bet.

It’s the same story with home favorites. You choose a 7-point fave and tease it to a 1.5-point favorite. Your team needs to cover a small spread instead of wining the clash by eight or more points. When it comes to massive favorites of ten or more points, they can be useful, especially when playing at home. You will see many times a 15-point fave winning by 12 or 13 points just because they allowed their rivals to cut the deficit in the garbage time. Furthermore, try not to tease through zero. It is not a general rule, but you don’t get much by teasing a 2.5-point fave or a dog.

You will also need proper pre-game research when taking an NBA teaser bet. Look after the teams’ stats and how they play against the spread. If a team constantly fails to cover by a few points, it is the right team for your teaser. Of course, try to pick those teams who never give up and often play tight games down the stretch. There are always a few teams on every NBA season that perform well as underdogs and rarely allow blowouts.

Finally, taking the NBA teasers can be a lot of fun. If you like to wager for pure joy, an NBA teaser bet is the right thing to do. Many sportsbooks will allow you to combine up to 15 teams on your teaser bet, but even with six or seven teams, your payout will be ridiculous. It’s really hard to win those teaser bets, but with a small stake, you will have an exciting night watching the games.


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