How To Bet a Quinella

This is the fourth part of seven articles that will cover the essentials to betting on horses.  Wagering on horses is one of the most exciting betting opportunities available in the gambling world today.  Every where you look offshore they are starting racebooks that give the bettor the option to wager on horses at nearly any track at any time around the globe.  To take advantage of this new phenomenon Bang the has established a series of articles that will chronicle the basics of betting on horses all the way up to the most complicated of wagers.  In part four of this series we look at how to bet Quinellas. 

As we covered in part three of the series, the Exacta is the most popular horse racing wager in the industry today, but the Quinella is a close second.  This is mainly because the Quinella is closely related to the Exacta wager.  The Exacta straight requires a horse bettor to pick the first two orders and the exact order they will finish.  The Quinella is similar to that however it allows the flexibility of the Exacta box.  So let’s dive into the world of Quinella betting and start with the basic definition of what it is and how they are placed.

The Quinella wager is when a bettor selects the horses that they believe will finish first and second in the race.  The flexibility that a quinella wager allows is that either horse can finish in first or second place. For example of a horse bettor believes that the 1 horse and the 2 horse will finish in first or second but are unsure of the order the best wager to use would be the quinella.  This would allow the bettor to place both horses in the wager and not be concerned with the exact order.  This is better than an exacta boxed wager when it comes to the price of the ticket but it does have other downsides.

The boxed exacta is selecting more than just two horses to finish first and second and the order of finish is not important.  The quinella does the same thing but the price of the ticket is just two dollars.  The boxed exacta would cost four dollars, but the odds are better.  The quinella is lower in the price and the odds pay out just half as much as the exacta box.  That raises the next question, why would anyone use a quinella wager?

The quinella has one obvious advantage it’s only 2 dollars and it gives the bettor the flexibility of the lower price but has the disadvantage of half the odds as a payout.  This could be a good starting wager for a new horse player since they will not risk as much and will get a feel for the track and how to place wagers at a betting window or at the favorite online racebook, like BetDSI.

The Quinella box can also include more than just two horses.  Like other exotic wagers when you increase the number of horses the cost of the ticket increases and as a bettor this is important to know.  By using the amount of the ticket and comparing it with the possible payouts and the odds it can tell you if the wager is worth placing.

This part of the series covered the quinella wager.  It covered the covered what a quinella wager is and how it can be placed.  It covered the comparison between the quinella and the exacta and the advantages and disadvantages to using the quinella as a wager at the track.  The quinella can be a great tool for the new horse bettor and get the bettor familiar with the protocol involved and help in the future with exacta betting.

Now that you are familiar with Quinella betting the next part of the series will cover the Superfecta wager.

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