BetDSI Racebook

Its only a game until you bet on it is the moniker that you will find on the front page of the website for Diamond Sports International otherwise known as DSI. Perhaps the motto should be its only a race until you bet on it. Diamond Sports has put the same work ethic and pride in building the perfect race book as they have in the sportsbook that has brought their name to such high levels. The first sign of a reputable sportsbook is the reputation and DSI is at the top of the list when it comes to customer service, security and the race book. The horse bettor that is playing at Diamond Sports is already aware of all the good things that they have to offer.

Diamond Sports loves to brag about the rebate they give to horse bettors. The rebate is a very generous 8% but unlike other race books they give the rebate on wins and losses. Diamond Sports does not penalize the horse bettor for winning but instead they reward them with extra cash for winning or losing at their race book. This a plus when it comes to betting on horses because DSI gives the bettor plenty of options for wagers as well as tracks to bet on.

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Diamond Racebook offers horse gambling on Win, Place, Show, Daily Doubles, Exactas, Quinellas, Trifectas, Superfectas, Pick 3 and Pick 4. This covers all of the wagers that any horse enthusiast would have and gives them options to make some profit on the day of the big race. DSI knows that a smart horse bettor wants options and they want to be able to choose where they can place a bet on their favorite horse. Because of this reason alone DSI offers betting at over 100 tracks! This is higher than most race books and gives the bettor freedom to roam and choose the best horse on any given day. The problem is that horse racing does not continue for 24 hours. Leave it to DSI to make sure that horse bettors can get action around the clock.

DSI brings virtual fantasy horse racing to the forefront of gambling. This product was invented by the geniuses at DSI. This award winning product allows you to handicap using bloodlines and genetic tendencies that result in performances that vary by distance, surface, track condition, and running regimen. You can track the performance of your favorite fantasy horse and handicap its chances in its next race. This is the most advanced and unbelievable product on the market today. Get

  • Horses Rebate:
    • A daily CASH rebate of 8% will be paid on all internet exotic wagers.
    • - 3% on all Win, Place and Show wagers.
    • - 5% on exotic wagers and 2% on Win, Place and Show wagers placed through the call center.
    • - There are no minimum weekly volume requirements and there is no maximum on how much you can earn.

DSI is unreal and is hands down the best race book in the industry today. They offer everything a horse bettor would need for a great day at the track. They have one eye on the future so that the bettor that is at DSI can take advantage of all the newest gaming technologies and still find security in being a member of DSI. If you like to bet on horses then there is absolutely no reason that you should not have an account at DSI.

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