How To Bet a Daily Double

This is the sixth part of seven articles that will cover the essentials to betting on horses.  Wagering on horses is one of the most exciting betting opportunities available in the gambling world today.  Every where you look offshore they are starting racebooks that give the bettor the option to wager on horses at nearly any track at any time around the globe.  To take advantage of this new phenomenon Bang the has established a series of articles that will chronicle the basics of betting on horses all the way up to the most complicated of wagers.  In part six of this series we look at how to bet the Daily Double. 

The term Daily Double is one of the most popular terms in horse racing.  The term goes back almost as far as horse racing and has always held a popular place in horse racing.  Over the years the term has not changed but the way to place a wager on the Daily Double most certainly has. So the first step of understanding the daily double is to find out what exactly it is and how it has changed over the years.

The Daily Double is betting on the horse to win first place in consecutive races.  This is handled differently at different race tracks.  In most cases and its original format was to pick the winner of the first two races and that would be part of the daily double.  Other race tracks will allow the daily double wagering on the last two races of the day ending with a bang and the most sought after win on the day.  Finally and recently some race tracks offer what is called the rolling daily double.  The rolling daily double allows the bettor to place a daily double type wager on any two races.  The goal is still the same with trying to correctly select the winners of back to back races. The Daily Double may be the oldest exotic wager dating back to 1930 but it also has different ways to place the wager and the cost will vary depending on the wager.

The daily double is a one dollar ticket and like other exotic wagering can be placed in a variety of ways, like the wheel.  The wheel and the box have been covered extensively in this series but for the purpose of the daily double it will be briefly covered one more time.  The wheel allows the bettor to key in on one horse to win one race and then allow additional horses to be added as a potential winner for the second race. The bettor would have to wager the full normal $2 on the ticket to receive the full prize for the daily double.  The daily double does offer something that is unique to other exotic wagers, the chance to hedge your bet.

In a daily double the bettor is looking to get the winner of two races.  After the first race if the bettor had the winner in race one it allows them room to hedge the second bet on the next race and minimize losses.  This is unique because it is something that other wagers do not allow since they are mainly just focused on one race and not any more.  This is just the beginning of wagering on horses and to truly appreciate the daily double wager it is important to get to a track online and start placing them.  Many reputable race tracks like Bookmaker.EU, offer the daily double.

This article in the series covered the daily double wagering option.  The article touched on the rich history of the daily double and how it is still recognized as one of the most popular wagers today.  Its focus was how to wager on the daily double and how it has changed throughout the years. It finished with the discussion of the hedge bet and how it can be used to minimize the damages and lead to a great day at the track!

Now that you are familiar with Daily Double betting the last part of the series will cover Pick 3, Win 4, and Pick 6 betting!

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