Bookmaker Racebook

Bookmaker is one of the most professional and reputable sports books in the business. They are known as the book Where the Line Originates because they post lines earlier than other sportsbooks and they will set the line for other books to use. The same can be said for the racebook that they have at Bookmaker. They made sure to set the standard for others to follow when it came to how you can bet, the rewards that you can get and how to view horse racing.

Bookmaker has the best options available for Triple Crown wagering. They have the biggest selection of betting options in the business when it pertains to Triple Crown wagering. They offer full wagering options from all of the big events as well as daily racing from all major US race tracks. The goal of Bookmaker is to provide the customer with the best thoroughbred horse racing betting experience on the internet. To achieve this goal Bookmaker has a variety of betting options, virtual racing, and a rebate.

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Bookmaker offers many betting options for the horse bettor. They offer win, place and show wagering as well as Daily Doubles, Exacta's, Trifect's, Superfecta's and Pick 3 and a Pick 4. They make sure to give the horse bettor as many options as possible when it comes to betting on the big race on almost any track in the U.S.

Bookmaker offers the Winners Circle, a fully virtual race track that horse bettors can wager on 24 hours a day. It offers real life racing complete with racing forms and intense graphics that sets Bookmaker apart as a true innovator in the racebook business. The races start every ten minutes so there is never a dull moment and there is always a race waiting to begin. Bookmaker has made it so the avid horse bettor will never have to wait for a race!

Bookmaker likes to reward the players that take the time to choose Bookmaker as the source for their gambling needs. The same thing goes for the racebook. Bookmaker offers an 8% rebate on wagers at the race book. The bettor will get 3% on all Win, Place, and Show wagers and 5% on all exotic wagers. Bookmaker wants the customer to enjoy the racing venue they offer and come back for more action and this reward is just another way to show much they care about their client. Bet as little as 1 dollar, No parimutual pools, and over 50 North American Tracks!

Racebooks have popped up in nearly every sportsbook in the market today, but that does not mean that they are all good ones. Bookmaker has made sure that they are up to date with recent technology, reward the players that use the racebook, and most importantly put the customer first. Those are exactly the kind of things that a person will look for when they are deciding on what racebook to bet the big race at. That is why Bookmaker should be your choice for the best racebook in the business!

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