Bookmaker Sportsbook is all set and ready to go with Belmont Stakes betting action on this, the 143rd Belmont Stakes! We're all set to take one last look this morning at the live Belmont Stakes odds, and we'll make our final free Belmont Stakes picks for the biggest race of the year, as 12 colts are set to take to the track at Belmont Racetrack!

This definitely is a race that isn't for favorites all that often. In fact, it's been quite a long time since the favorite on the Belmont Stakes odds has gone on to win. The good news though, is that there isn't a horse that is going for the Triple Crown. Sure, that makes things a heck of a lot more exciting, but when push comes to shove, not in over 30 years has a horse with the first two jewels of the Triple Crown ended up winning the third and final leg.

This is all bad news for Animal Kingdom, who will start out of the No. 9 slot on Saturday. We know that Animal Kingdom is going to make some big time headway at the end of this race, and as long as his first two runs at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes aren't a farce, he'll be on the board almost certainly when push comes to shove. Still, we're not all that fond of the fact that he is going to end up pretty darn close to an odds on favorite in Belmont Stakes betting action, and we still don't think that he is just that great of a horse.

Speaking of horses that we don't think all that much of, what about Shackleford? This is a horse with a ton of whammies against him in this run. No horse was won the Belmont Stakes three weeks after winning the Preakness Stakes since 2001 when Point Given pulled off the feat. In fact, most don't even bother running in the lengthy Belmont after running the shortest of the Triple Crown races at Pimlico. To make matters worse, Shackleford is going to have to start this race from the far outside in post No. 12. He'll end up needing to jump out to a very, very fast start just to get the rail by the first turn from all the way out there, and that might take a heck of a lot out of him. When push comes to shove though, this is a horse that has really fallen flat right at the end of both of the Triple Crown races, and if he can't make it a mile and a quarter, he stands no chance at a mile and a half.

There are a few horses that ran in the Kentucky Derby that didn't run in the Preakness Stakes that we are definitely keeping our eye on.

Master Of Hounds, the No. 1 horse, is a popular choice and is growing in popularity as we grow closer to the race. He was building up a lot of steam on the Kentucky Derby odds a month and change ago, but he was stuck in a big time mass and ended up finishing five lengths off of the pace. If the weather really is bad in the Big Apple on Saturday, this is a nice horse to watch. he has some turf experience, and having run all over Europe, weather conditions were never considered an issue.

No. 4 Santiva is another horse to watch. He had a great run at the Rising Star, finishing just behind another horse in this field, No. 10 Mucho Macho Man that day. Santiva was one of the many horses that was gaining ground at the end of the Kentucky Derby, and he posted a fantastic 95 Beyer Speed rating. However, we wonder if there was a big time reason why this horse went off the board at a 34.70 price at the Derby, and we're not thrilled with 15-1 odds... though we wouldn't be surprised if he does hit the board.

Horses that ran in the Peter Pan instead of the Triple Crown circuit tend to have great fortune here at the Belmont Stakes. In fact, the last two winners of Belmont Stakes betting action, Drosselmeyer and Summer Bird ended up only running in one Triple Crown race. No. 8 Prime Cut is going to try to do the same on this day. The only concern that we have is whether this horse can make it a mile and a half. We just don't know. He didn't look good down the stretch at the Peter Pan, but we o know that he has had some big closes in his career. Don't be shocked if he ends up on the board.

However, the horse that we are going to be backing as the winner of this one is No. 5 Brilliant Speed. Jockey Joel Rosario has generated two absolutely amazing closes in this colt's last two races. He just had too many horses to work around and had a bad post position at the Kentucky Derby, and now, he should have a cleaner run out of the middle of the pack here at the Belmont. We tend to believe that distance won't be a problem (in spite of this horse's name), and when push comes to shove, this is our horse.

2011 Belmont Stakes Predictions: 5-9-8-1

Live Belmont Stakes Odds (As Of 7:00 AM ET)
#1 Master On Hounds 10/1
#2 Stay Thirsty 20/1
#3 Ruler On Ice 20/1
#4 Santiva 15/1
#5 Brilliant Speed 15/1
#6 Nehro 4/1
#7 Monzon 30/1
#8 Prime Cut 15/1
#9 Animal Kingdom 2/1
#10 Mucho Macho Man 10/1
#11 Isn't He Perfect 30/1
#12 Shackleford 9/2