Horse racing is such an exciting event that it is nearly impossible to not want to throw a few bucks down on your favorite pony and hope for a big payday. However, going to the track is not always a convenient endeavor.  A trip to the track requires a full day if you really want to get the most out of a day at the races. Even if you just want to get a few bucks down on a quick race, than a computer was essential and for our up tempo daily pace of life that is not always an easy thing to do. This was a problem that was recognized by the good folks at BetDSI and they set out to find a fix and that is where the BetDSI Mobile Racebook was born.

BetDSI is universally known as one of the premier betting outlets for sports, casino, and of courses horses. They have set the bar for other online gaming outlets to follow by serving up the best in the wagering options and bonuses. They are always at the forefront of technology and the same thing can be said for their latest venture, the BetDSI Mobile Racebook.

The BetDSI Mobile Racebook allows horse racing fans to place a wager on over hundreds of racetracks straight from their mobile device. This no-download, fully-compatible sportsbook and racebook is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones so regardless of your device, this option is ready to service all of your horse racing needs. You can do more than just bet on horses as the mobile platform also allows you to redeem your BetPoints, check open wagers and wagering history. BetDSI Mobile Racebook is also developing a mobile app that will be on iTunes soon!

This great experience also comes with plenty of perks, most notably the horse rebate. All horse players will receive a daily cash rebate of 8 percent that will be paid on all internet exotic wagers. This includes 3 percent on all Win, Place and Show wagers and/or five percent on exotic wagers and two percent on Win, Place and Show wagers placed through the call center.

With great rebates and horse racing for hundreds of venues at your fingertips, BetDSI Mobile Racebook is the perfect place to bet on horses.