Pitchers and catchers have reported all across the Grapefruit League and the Cactus League, and it's only a matter of time until all of the rest of the players across the bigs are showing up in Florida and Arizona. It's another season of baseball betting action, and today, we're going to look at some of the best players in the league that have the best shot of capturing the 2013 home run crown.

Jose Bautista (+800): Bautista is the co-favorite to win the home run title this year, sharing the distinction with Giancarlo Stanton. Of course, we know that Stanton is going to be walked a zillion times, knowing that he has absolutely no protection whatsoever in the Miami lineup around him. However, Bautista has a heck of a lot of protection now, and he is arguably the most dangerous slugger in the game. Had Bautista not gotten hurt last year and had stayed on his clip for the season, he would have hit right around 45 home runs, and that would have let him challenge for the home run title. This year could be his season to get the job done.

SportsBookMiguel Cabrera (+900): Miggy won the Triple Crown last year in an historic season in the American League, and there's no reason to think that he won't at least challenge in each of those categories once again this year. Cabrera is arguably the best pure hitter in baseball, and he has the protection around him to make pitchers go right after him at times. With the short porch at Comerica Park and a relatively weak AL Central to go against, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for Cabrera to go off for at least 40 bombs once again if he stays healthy.

Albert Pujols (+1000): We definitely aren't counting out Pujols to come out on fire this year. He has some great protection around him with Josh Hamilton now in the lineup with him, and this is his second go around against American League pitching. Remember that Pujols didn't hit a home run in his first 18 games of the year, and he finished out for the rest of the year with 30 bombs. There's a good chance that Prince Albert is going to get to 45 or 50 home runs this year, and he could ultimately win the home run title as a result.

Ryan Braun (+2000): Of course, there's always the potential for Braun to get busted for steroids, but has really rounded into one of the best sluggers in the game regardless of that fact. The MVP candidate from last year knocked 41 out of the park, and he now has 202 long flies for his career. Braun can really blast the ball, and he has a better-than-you-would-think lineup surrounding him.

Mike Trout (+2000): Trout only played in 139 games last year, coming up to the bigs after he was going to have another year of eligibility before arbitration. The rookie sensation hit 30 home runs to join Albert Pujols last year for the Halos, and he is going to be expected to do a heck of a lot more this year with a full season's worth of games and both Pujols and Josh Hamilton in the lineup around him. Don't discount what Trout can really do in his sophomore year. There won't be any sophomore slump here.

Odds to win HomeRun Title as of 2/16/13 - For updated odds checkout Sportsbook.Ag
Adam Dunn  + 2000
Adam Jones + 6000
Adam LaRoche + 10000
Adrian Beltre + 6000
Adrian Gonzalez + 5000
Albert Pujols + 1000
Andrew McCutchen + 10000
Anthony Rizzo + 10000
BJ Upton + 10000
Billy Butler + 10000
Bryce Harper + 4000
Buster Posey + 10000
Carlos Beltran + 10000
Carlos Gonzalez + 5000
Carlos Quentin + 10000
Chase Headley + 10000
Curtis Granderson + 2000
Dan Uggla + 10000
David Ortiz + 10000
David Wright + 10000
Edwin Encarnacion + 4000
Evan Longoria + 4000
Field (Any Other Player) + 800
Giancarlo Stanton + 800
Hanley Ramirez + 10000
Jason Heyward + 3000
Jay Bruce + 2500
Joey Votto + 3000
Jose Bautista + 800
Josh Hamilton + 2000
Josh Willingham + 10000
Justin Upton + 4000
Mark Reynolds + 6000
Mark Teixeira + 4000
Matt Holliday + 10000
Matt Kemp + 1200
Miguel Cabrera + 900
Mike Morse + 10000
Mike Trout + 1200
Mike Trumbo + 2000
Nelson Cruz + 10000
Pablo Sandoval + 10000
Pedro Alvarez + 5000
Prince Fielder + 1200
Robinson Cano + 4000
Ryan Braun + 2000
Ryan Howard + 2000
Ryan Zimmerman + 10000
Troy Tulowitzki + 5000
Yoenis Cespedes + 5000