The 2013 MLB betting campaign is now just a week old, and most of the teams in the land have six or so games in the books. Join us right now, as we look back at the most profitable clubs in Week 1 of the season, and which teams are really doing the most damage to your bankrolls as well.

1: Colorado Rockies (5-1, +$469): The Rockies are rolling right now. They've won five in a row, including sweeping away the Padres without any problems whatsoever. The offense has dialed up six games to start the year with at least four runs scored.

2: Arizona Diamondbacks (5-1, +$389): Scoring 17 runs in two games is impressive. Scoring 30 runs in four games in probably even more impressive. The D'Backs have plated at least six runs in four of their five wins thus far this season.

3: Atlanta Braves (5-1, +$378): First it was BJ. Then it was Justin. The two Upton brothers went back to back to take what should have been a loss and made it a win for the Braves at the expense of the Cubs on Saturday night.

4: Minnesota Twins (4-2, +$358): Justin Morneau is starting to look like the old Justin Morneau. He's batting .364 and is really one of the lone bright spots for an offense that is only batting .236 as a team. It seems like a miracle that Minnesota is 4-2.

5: Oakland Athletics (5-2, +$254): The A's started off their season with two terrible losses at the expense of the Mariners. Since then, they've rolled off five in a row, though it helps that they have faced the lowly Astros three times in that stretch.

6: Boston Red Sox (4-2, +$252): Of all of the players to be blasting the first three home run game of the season in baseball this year… Will Middlebrooks? Hey, whatever works right now for the Red Sox is good for the Nation. It's great to see this team playing well to start off the campaign.

7: Washington Nationals (4-2, +$212): Washington's pitching allowed a total of three runs in the series against the Marlins. The staff turned around and allowed 27 runs in three days against the Reds. With an offense that has only scored more than three runs twice in six games, matters are shaky right now in DC.

8: Cleveland Indians (3-3, +$197): Only Cleveland could figure out how to get shut out in back to back games, losing 10-0 combined in those two outings, then turn around and win 13-0 in the final game of the series. The home opener takes place Monday with the Yanks coming in for four.

9: Chicago White Sox (4-2, +$175): The Pale Hose have the second best team ERA in baseball right now at 2.41, and the most encouraging sign of all is that Jake Peavy allowed just one earned run in six frames against the Royals in his first start of the season.

10: Cincinnati Reds (4-2, +$166): Shin-Soo Choo was picked up to be the team's center fielder in spite of the fact that he really wasn't a center fielder by trade. He has responded thus far in the campaign with three homers, eight runs scored, and a .375 batting average.

11: Los Angeles Dodgers (4-2, +$164): The Fighting Guggenheims fought back from a tough season against the Giants to pick up three very strong pitching performances against the Pirates. Clayton Kershaw already has a pair of wins, and this team has six quality starts in six games from its starting pitchers.

12: Texas Rangers (4-2, +$117): Yu Darvish is on fire out of the blocks, and the Rangers were able to take two out of three from the Halos. The only thing sweeter would have been holding Josh Hamilton hitless for a third straight game. Alas, that wasn't meant to be, and Texas fans are probably a bit upset about it.

13: New York Mets (4-2, +$100): Marlon Byrd rescued the Mets on Sunday with a walk-off single to turn a defeat into a victory. What's left to see though, is whether the Metropolitans can go on the road and figure out how to duplicate the success that it had at Citi Field to start off the season.

14: Kansas City Royals (3-3, +$40): James Shields threw six innings, gave up one run, and got the loss in his KC debut. If that's the type of production that he is going to get all year out of his offense, he'll be wishing he is back in Tampa Bay in a heartbeat.

15: St. Louis Cardinals (3-3, +$36): The Cardinals had a rough start to the season, having to play back to back series on the West Coast. We'll see how things go when the Central Division teams start coming to Busch Stadium next week.

16: San Francisco Giants (3-3, -$33): For as well as the Giants pitched over the course of their first four games of the season, the fact that they allowed 20 runs at home in two games against the Cardinals leaves a lot to be desired. We know that the champs will get the ship righted sooner or later, though.

17: Baltimore Orioles (3-3, -$67): Chris Davis started off the season with a home run in four straight games, tying him for an MLB record. The real hero of this offense though, is Adam Jones, who is batting a blistering .538. When the pitching catches up to what the offense has been able to do, the O's will be scary.

18: Seattle Mariners (3-4, -$86): In spite of the fact that the Mariners have allowed 29 runs in their last five games combined, they still have the second best WHIP in baseball as a team at 1.01. If that keeps up, the M's might ultimately contend this year in the AL West.

19: New York Yankees (2-4, -$151): Most thought that the Yankees would be a wreck at the outset of the season, and to what should be no one's surprise, that has precisely been the case. The Bronx Bombers are in a heck of a lot of trouble in the tough AL East.

20: Chicago Cubs (2-4, -$153): About the only thing that the Cubs can be happy about at this point is that they are getting closer to putting up a massive scoreboard that should generate some revenue to give the team further ability to spend the big bucks to compete with some of the big boys in the game once again.

21: Tampa Bay Rays (3-3, -$170): The oddsmakers are showing that they think the Rays are going to be a team to be reckoned with this year. It's not a mistake that they were put in a position to be a losing money team this season in spite of the fact that they split their first six home games of the campaign.

22: Detroit Tigers (3-3, -$181): The Tigers were -180, -185, and -192 favorites in three games against the Yankees. If that's not proof of just how far the Bronx Bombers have fallen, we don't know what is. Watching Justin Verlander get outpitched by CC Sabathia on Sunday at home has to be a bit concerning for Tigers fans, though.

23: Los Angeles Angels (2-4, -$189): It took Josh Hamilton five games to really get his feet off of the ground. He had three hits on Sunday against the Rangers, but he started off the season in a 1-of-20 slump prior to that. The Halos badly need his bat to wake up, though Albert Pujols did blast two home runs on Saturday to help lead them to a win in Arlington.

24: Philadelphia Phillies (2-4, -$244): Roy Halladay looks like he has just about had it for his career. If he can't figure out how to become a winner once again, the Phillies are going to be in a heck of a lot of trouble by the end of the season.

25: Houston Astros (1-5, -$351): The Astros have already struck out 74 times in six games this year, and that absolutely obliterates the record for the most strikeouts that a team has ever had in the first week of a season. Nothing like having three men with at least 10 strikeouts through six games…

26: Miami Marlins (1-5, -$361): The Marlins went through their first four games of the season before they finally scored more than two runs in a game for the first time this year. When Greg Dobbs is leading your team in batting, you know that you're in some trouble.

27: San Diego Padres (1-5, -$363): The Padres have hit exactly one home run this season. The pitching staff has allowed 10 dingers, and it has the second worst team ERA in baseball. That's a recipe for disaster if you're a San Diego fan.

28: Toronto Blue Jays (2-4, -$405): The Jays were beaten in home series against both the Indians and the Red Sox, who were expected to win around 140 games combined this season. This team certainly doesn't have the look of a contender, let alone a World Series favorite right now.

29: Pittsburgh Pirates (1-5, -$468): And the countdown is on to yet another season with a below-.500 record for the Pirates. Only 76 more losses to go until we can take the Jolly Roger down for another campaign. Things really don't look good right now for the 1-5 Buccos.

30: Milwaukee Brewers (1-5, -$517): The Brew Crew won their opener against the Rockies, but since that point, they have dropped five straight and have lost $617 to show for it, the worst five game stretch that we have seen in baseball this season.