Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 4/15/13.

1: Atlanta Braves (11-1, +$1,079) (LW: 3): The Braves are the hottest team in the bigs at the moment, and they just blew through the Nats for three games in DC, all of which came as underdogs. Atlanta has scored nine straight wins after taking two out of three against Philly to start the campaign.

2: Oakland Athletics (9-4, +$535) (LW: 5): An eight-game winning streak went by the boards over the course of the last two games played against the Tigers over the weekend. The good news for the A's? The Astros are coming to town, and they already have a sweep over Houston this season in the Lone Star State.

3: Colorado Rockies (8-4, +$469) (LW: 1): The Rockies literally did what was supposed to be done this week. They won their three games as favorites. They lost their three games as underdogs. That actually makes nine Colorado games in a row in which the favorite has won.

4: San Francisco Giants (9-4, +$427) (LW: 16): From a team with a losing record to one that has won six out of seven and is back looking the role of a World Series contender, the G-Men surely had it all working for them this week, including three out of four in Wrigley Field.

5: Arizona Diamondbacks (8-4, +$329) (LW: 2): The D'Backs took a bit of a step backwards this week, but their pitching was really spot on at the end of the week. They posted a pair of shutouts in a three-game series against the Dodgers. This week ahead presents two tremendous challenges, as the team has to fly across the country to go the Bronx, then has to fly across the country again to get to Denver.

6: Boston Red Sox (7-4, +$281) (LW: 4): Last season at Patriots Day, the Red Sox were already in a heck of a lot of trouble. They're going into this Patriots Day as the top team in the AL East after taking the first two games against Tampa Bay to wrap up a great week at Fenway Park.

7: Kansas City Royals (7-5, +$205) (LW: 14): Now that's the Kansas City team that many thought we were going to see this year! KC has picked up $160 worth of profits on the week, and the team is going to head into the third week of the season in a great spot in the AL Central.

8: New York Mets (7-4, +$205) (LW: 13): There isn't a single Mets fan that really cares anything about the fact that they are +$205 on the season. All that matters? The Mets are still ahead of the Yankees in the standings. In a season that figures to be frustrating, New York has to be happy about small victories.

9: St. Louis Cardinals (7-5, +$177) (LW: 15): The Cards went a stretch of 39 straight innings without allowing a run, and that's as good of a run as you'll probably see all season long. Needless to say, the bullpen hasn't had a heck of a lot of work of late, something that Manager Mike Matheny has to love.

10: Texas Rangers (8-5, +$152) (LW: 12): It's strange to think that the Rangers are only averaging 3.77 runs per game this year. They have gone five straight games without scoring more than three runs. That being said, the team is figuring out how to win games with the fourth best team ERA in the bigs at 2.92.

11: New York Yankees (6-5, +$150) (LW: 19): The Bronx Bombers have been getting some solid pitching of late. RHP Hiroki Kuroda was masterful against the Orioles on Sunday Night Baseball to wrap up the weekend to send the Yanks into the third week of the year with a winning record.

12: Los Angeles Dodgers (7-5, +$101) (LW: 11): Next time, RHP Zack Greinke badly needs to not go after a batter that he just plunked with his shoulder down. About the only smart thing that the newest Dodger did against OF Carlos Quentin was lower his non-throwing shoulder instead of his throwing shoulder. That said, now one of the top free agent signings in baseball is going to be out for the next eight weeks with a broken collarbone.

13: Cleveland Indians (5-6, +$95) (LW: 8): The Indians had to battle some bad weather all week long, and they are heading into next week with some horribly erratic performances of late. The Tribe scored one run three times last week and put up 15 runs in their other two games combined.

14: Washington Nationals (7-5, +$76) (LW: 7): RHP Stephen Strasburg and RHP Gio Gonzalez have a combined three losses already on the season, and their two ERAs put together are right around 7.50. It's amazing that Washington has still posted a winning record this season.

15: Pittsburgh Pirates (6-6, +$62) (LW: 29): No team took a bigger step forward this week than did the Pirates. OF Starling Marte is really doing the job for the team, as he has a whopping 13 hits in his last eight games to raise his batting average up to .347 on the campaign.

16: Baltimore Orioles (6-6, -$17) (LW: 17): The Orioles picked up a half unit for their bettors this week, but they have to be disappointed that they went into the Bronx and were largely a very sloppy team against the hated Yankees. The O's only scratched out seven runs in that three-game set in the Big Apple.

17: Detroit Tigers (7-5, -$19) (LW: 22): There is only one team in baseball that has a winning record through two weeks of the season that has still cost their bettors money, and you're reading about it right now. The Tigers are going to have to win at least 90 this year if they want to make any profits for MLB betting fanatics.

18: Philadelphia Phillies (6-6, -$106) (LW: 24): The best news for the Phillies this past week is that RHP Roy Halladay pitched a gem of a game. Is he back? Or did he just beat up a god awful Marlins team that has no business playing games at the MLB level against any even remotely solid pitchers.

19: Minnesota Twins (4-7, -$144) (LW: 4): The Twinkies started off the year at 4-2, and they looked like they were at least going to have something to cheer about going into the second month of the season. Alas, they turned around this week and lost all five of their games, and about the only thing that was worth smiling about is the fact that Sunday's game was snowed out.

20: Houston Astros (4-8, -$180) (LW: 25): The proof is in the pudding this year with the Astros. They went on the road for six games this week, and they were no smaller than a +139 underdog in any of those games. Of course, the fact that they scored 29 runs in three games was awfully impressive for a team that, in spite of those games, is still only averaging 4.25 runs per game on the season.

21: Chicago White Sox (5-7, -$250) (LW: 9): There was really no shame in the fact that the White Sox were swept in Washington DC early in the week, but to go on the road and barely scratch out a single victory against the Indians? We can only imagine how bad four games in Toronto are going to go this coming week.

22: Seattle Mariners (6-8, -$288) (LW: 18): The Mariners are figured to have one of the worst teams in baseball this season, and it has to be a really bad thing that they have a losing record right now. After all, the oddsmakers have them at -$288 for the season, meaning they have lost a lot of games as favorites out of the chute that they probably should have ultimately won.

23: Cincinnati Reds (5-7, -$341) (LW: 10): There probably wasn't a team in the bigs this week that did more harm to themselves than the Reds. They were beaten in their last five games, allowed an average of 6.80 runs per game in those outings, and lost all five to fellow NL Central teams.

24: Chicago Cubs (4-8, -$346) (LW: 20): The bullpen for the Cubs is a nightmare at the moment. Carlos Marmol has been replaced as the team's closer, and the guy that took over for him, in spite of the fact that he has two saves, has a 12.46 ERA. In fact, there are six pitchers on this staff right now from top to bottom with ERAs of at least six.

25: Toronto Blue Jays (5-7, -$359) (LW: 28): If you think that the Jays are happy with a 3-3 week where they made just a tad bit of money for their bettors, you're crazy. They are thinking about big things this week at home though, as the White Sox and Yankees come to the Rogers Centre.

26: Tampa Bay Rays (4-7, -$459) (LW: 21): Manager Joe Maddon and the gang had better be careful. They are just 4-7early on in the season, and LHP David Price is one of the many pitchers that should be pitching well on this team getting blown up with regularity out of the blocks. This might be a hole too deep to ultimately dig out of here in a few weeks.

27: Milwaukee Brewers (3-8, -$566) (LW: 30): The Brewers put up 32 straight zeroes on the board in a row, and they literally didn't score a run for five days. However, they did score four when it counted most in the clutch against the Cards on the road on Sunday, and that only just barely saved the team from its ninth loss of the season.

28: Los Angeles Angels (4-8, -$599) (LW: 23): A second straight 2-4 week has to be scary for the Angels, who are really struggling out of the gates with their pitching. The bats are hitting a bit, but OF Josh Hamilton is still batting just .234 for the campaign, and that obviously isn't going to cut it for a man that just signed a huge deal in the offseason.

29: Miami Marlins (2-10, -$725) (LW: 26): The Marlins scored a grand total of six runs in six game this week. And you want to know why this franchise is in a whole heck of a lot of trouble? The team has an OPS of .539, a batting average of .204, and a total average of 1.67 runs per game.

30: San Diego Padres (1-5, -$363) (LW: 27): OF Carlos Quentin received an eight-game ban for charging the mound against Zack Greinke, but the sad news for the Padres is that it can't hurt all that much. The team is 2-10 and is clearly one of the biggest train wrecks in baseball thus far on the young season, regardless of whether it is playing home or away.