They say that the best bettors in the world are the ones that are smart enough to fade themselves. Losing 55% of your games can be just as profitable as winning 55%. Today, we're going to look at some of the pitchers that have put the biggest dents in your bankroll in MLB betting action that you might be wise to fade the next time their spot comes up in the rotation.

There are 15 pitchers in baseball that have led their teams to 0-3 records this year, and not surprisingly, three of them are on the Miami Marlins. We aren't overly concerned about Wade LeBlanc, Kevin Slowey, or Ricky Nolasco, all of which are out of the blocks at 0-3 and -$300, as we know that Cy Young himself wouldn't necessarily be able to win 20 games with these Marlins, even if they started him 50 times on the season.

What we have to recognize though, is that there are some big time names that are surprisingly struggling out of the blocks this year, and if this is a sign of things to come, there could be some real problems for their teams. The biggest example is the man that is the worst money pitcher in the game right now, David Price (0-3, -$460). There isn't a pitcher that has done anywhere near as much harm as Price has this year, as the southpaw has lost and lost badly as a huge favorite twice already. The good news is that Price did pitch well in Boston in his last start, but he still didn't get the benefit of the help from his offense in a 2-1 loss. In fact, Price has only gotten one run of support in his last two outings.

Another ace that is struggling is Matt Cain (0-3, -$365). Granted, we know that Cain really only had one bad outing against the Cardinals when he allowed nine runners to reach base, all of which scored in just 3.2 innings of work, and that's why the righty is likely to be alright. Take a look at the other two games which he has started this year. Cain has allowed just two runs in 13 innings and has 14 strikeouts in those efforts.

The Philadelphia Phillies aren't getting enough out of Cole Hamels (0-3, -$384) either at the moment. Hamels only has one quality start in his three games, and he has a whopping 7.56 ERA to show for his work this season. Scarier is the fact that Hamels, normally a decent control pitcher, has issued seven walks in his last two starts combined.

Someone like Brandon Morrow (0-3, -$370) we really feel sorry for. Morrow hasn't pitched horridly this season, as a man with a 4.60 ERA and an 11/5 K/BB ratio really shouldn't have led his team to three losses on the campaign. However, Morrow has now gone four straight starts without getting more than three runs of help from his mates, and that's going to be the death of any solid pitcher.

But of course, the most polarizing of the top pitchers in the game that has led his team to three losses thus far this year is Josh Beckett (0-3, -$356). A look at the raw numbers for Beckett suggest that he should be 3-0. He has thrown 19.1 innings of work, including going 8.1 against the Diamondbacks in his last start. The righty also has a 17/3 K/BB ratio, and batters only have an OBP of .273 against him. However, the Dodgers offense has only scored six runs in those three games, and that isn't helping matters any. Beckett has also allowed four home runs already, and those big flies are what have really caused his demise in a number of these games. He'll improve, but if he can't make the big pitch at the big time when he really needs it, it could be a long season for Beckett and the Dodgers.