Road teams have played well thus far this year, and it is really killing a few teams that are normally great at home. That being said, not every team has been sluggish in front of its hometown crowd, and we are breaking down the way that some of the most dominating teams in the league have been playing to date in front of their fans.

(Record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

Colorado Rockies (5-0, +$500) - There is only one team in the game that has yet to lose a game this season at home, and that's Colorado. The Rockies have had Mother Nature on their side, as they are used to playing in these frigid conditions. As a result, they're beating up teams left and right in front of their hometown crowd. These last two games of the second series of the year against the Mets will be tough though, especially knowing that RHP Matt Harvey is going to be on the mound for one of those games.

Atlanta Braves (6-1, +$478) - The Braves are playing well at home. They're playing well on the road. And we're pretty sure that they would be playing well on the moon if they were asked to play games there as well. OF Justin Upton has six of his eight home runs on the season here at Turner Field, and the Braves should really be continuing to roll as the next few teams come to town. We don't know if there is going to be all that much resistance against the Royals now of the Nationals and Mets who are coming to town to start the first home stand in May.

Cincinnati Reds (5-2, +$271) - The Reds only rank 21st in the league in total money won, as they have actually dropped $236 for their bettors. However, there's no place like the Great American Ball Park for Cincinnati! Manager Dusty Baker and the gang did win each of their first two series of the season played at home against very good teams (Angels and Nationals). There have also been some awfully good pitchers that have come to the Queen City and walked away with a loss. RHP Stephen Strasburg, LHP CJ Wilson, and LHP Cliff Lee have all been beaten in this stadium. Even better proof that the Reds are a much better home team has been the play of their bullpen. The team has only allowed a total of 23 runs thus far this year at home as an entire staff. The bullpen alone has gotten torched for 16 runs on the road in 2013 to date.

Minnesota Twins (4-3, +$209) - Last year, Target Field was a house of horrors for the hosts, as they went just 31-50 and ended up losing $1,839 in profits. At least through seven games, that hasn't been the case this year. The Twinkies are 4-1 and +$411 in five games against American League teams this year at home. There also hasn't been a game this season (home or away) in which Minnesota has been favored. If that keeps up, this is a team that should turn a nice profit, even if it only wins around 75 games for the season. Manager Rod Gardenhire has his boys hitting the cover off of the baseball at home to the tune of 5.14 runs per game.

Chicago White Sox (4-2, +$175) - The Pale Hose probably aren't going to compete for a playoff spot this year, but they do have the ability to do some damage at the Cell. They'll be happy to be back at home this weekend after playing 10 in a row on the road, but that doesn't mean that things are always going to be peachy. The upcoming games are going to be a lot more difficult than the series that have already happened here in the Windy City. The Royals really didn't get their footing until after they left Chi Town, while the Mariners aren't going to be all that great all season long. We will say this about the Sox, though. At least they ended up beating both RHP Felix Hernandez and RHP James Shields this year.